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2º ESO. Unit 1. Communicative photocopy. Parts 1 and 2.


I have more of less three hours. I spend them (the three hours) playing football, reading, playing on the computer and going out with my friends.

I can see bowling , jet-skiing, cycling and surfing but I can't see dancing, swimming and walking.

Yes, I do. Because we have about three hours every day after doing our homework.

a. There are four people. They are going bowling. They are in the bowling centre.
b.There is one boy. He is surfing. He is at sea.
c.There is one man. He is jet- skiing. He is at sea.
d.There are two persons. They are cycling. They are at a mountain.

- play football
-play basketball
-play table tennis
-play volleyball
-play chess

-go skateboarding
-go swimming
-go skiing
-go cycling
-go riding

-do gymnastics
-do photography
-do athletics
-do karate
-do pottery

-Letter A is photography
-Letter B is gymnastics
-Letter C is karate
-Letter D is chess
-Letter E is pottery
-Letter F is skateboarding
-Letter G is table tennis
-Letter H is athletics

-I play football but I don`t do judo
-I play table tennis but I don`t do pottery
-I play basketball but I don`t go bowling
-I go cycling but I don`t do karate
-I play chess but I don`t go riding

1.- Tzu- Lee:
There is a girl. She has got brown hair and brown eyes. She is about twelve years old. She is friendly. She is wearing a pink T-shirt.

2.- Tzu-Lee's neighbours:
There are two people, one man and one woman. They have got grey hair and brown eyes. They are about 65 years old. They are very nice. The man is wearing a grey shirt and the woman is wearing a red sweater.

3.- Jack:
There is one boy. His hair is brown and his eyes are brown too. He is about thirteen. He is generous and fun. He is wearing some overalls.

13 PAGE9. read

14.PAGE9. read

17.Tzu-Lee says that teenagers don't have a lot of free time.She wants to go to an after school club and do drama or go riding.She thinks it`s important to do different things. Teenagers have a hard life/ A teenager's life is a hard life.

18.Similar to number 17.

24.Tzu-Lee´s neighbours have a lot of free time, they practise a lot of activities: chess, dancing, swimming, gymnastic and go on coach trips to different places/ they play chess, they go dancing, they go swimming, they do gymnastics and they go on coach trips to different places. They are never bored.

25. Similar to number 24.

26.Jack doesn`t have much free time. He helps his dad after school. He likes learning about car, he hasn't got any special hobbies but he likes listening to music and making cds for his friends.

27.Similar to number 26.

28.Jack´s mum hasn´t got much free time because she is a working mum. After work she has dinner, she watches TV and then she goes to bed. At the weekends she likes spending time with her kids.They go bowling or cycling if the weather is nice. She likes walking but her children say it's boring.

29. Similar to number 28.

30. (+) She buys clothes
(-)She doesn´t buy clothes
(?)Does she buy clothes?
Yes,she does/ No,she doesn´t
Ella compra ropa o prendas de vestir

act. 32

I get up at quarter to eight . I have toast for breakfast. I catch the number twelve bus. Lessons start at 9 o´clock. My favourite subject is Spanish. I have lunch in the school canteen. After school I go to a school club with my friends.

act. 33

She gets up at quarter to eight. She has toast for breakfast. She catches the number twelve bus. Her lessons start at 9 o´clock. She has lunch in the school canteen. After school she goes to a school club with her friends.


I like football, English, the beach, the country(campo) and speaking.

act. 35

She likes playing table tennis and going cycling but she doesn´t like going shopping, going running and downloading music.


Always, never, often, hardly ever and sometimes.

act. 37

I go cycling once a week, I study every day, I play football three times a week, I go shopping twice a month and I go running every two days.


Every year, four times a year, every four years, every weekday and twice a year

act 39

1.Every year
2.Every four years
3.Twice a year
4.Four times a year
5.Every weekday


There are eight people. Jack and Tzu-Lee are looking at the after-school clubs and the others are speaking. They are at school.


There are the drama club, the photography club, the riding club and the book club.

act.43 and 44

You can ride on Wednesdays at five o'clock, you can do athletics on Wednesdays too, you can go to the drama club on Fridays at half past five, you can join the book club on Mondays at quarter to five or you can join the photography club on Tuesdays at five o'clock.

act. 44

Jack doesn't like after-school clubs. He prefers to do things on his own. He doesn't like riding or athletics, he doesn't want to go to the drama club because he doesn't want to be an actor and he doesn't want to go to the book club because he prefers to read on his own. But he decides to do photography and Tzu-Lee wants to go to the drama club because she wants to be an actor.


I play football every week in the football field with my friends. I'm good at it and I like it because it's very funny.


I like team games because you can celebrate with friends and share the merit.


corner, goal keeper, penalty , referee and off-side

act. 48

· A footbsall match is 90 minutes.
· The first touch of the ball must go forwards.
· You head a ball with your head.
· A fotball is round.
· The first football club was in Sheffield, England.
· The person reponsible for the game is the referee.
· A foul is bad play.
· They play extra time at the end.
· Two players can go inside the penalty area, the goal keeper and the player who is taking the penalty.
· The half-time break is fifteen minutes.

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