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2º ESO. Unit 1. Exercises.

1. How much free time do you have?I have got about 4 or 5 hours every day.
2. How do you usually spend it?I play with my friends, I ride a bike, I watch TV, ... 7
Bowling, surfing, cycling, jet-skiing.
I go cycling, walking, ...In summer I  go swimming. 7
I think that we have got enough free time. 8
A-photograpyB-gymnasticsC-karateD-chessE-potteryF-skateboardingG-table tennisH-athletics 8 
PLAY: football-basketball-table tennis-volleyball-chess.
DO:karate-gymnastics-pottery-photography-athletics. 8
-I go swimming but I don´t play football.Lidia does gymnastics but she doesn't do karate.
-I play volleyball but I don´t do pottery. Lidia plays chess but she doesn´t  play table tennis.
-I go cycling but I don´t do athletics. Lidia does photograpy but she doesn´t go riding. 9
1. Tzu-Lee thinks teenagers have a lot of free time. F
2. She thinks it´s a good idea to study all the time. F
3. Tzu-Lee´s neighbours are not very active.F
4.They have a good life. T
5.Jack plays sport after school. F
6.Jack likes music. T
7.Jack´s mum has a job.T
8.Jack´s mum likes doing activities with the family at the weekend. T 9
1. Who plays chess?Tzu-Lee ´s neighbours
2.Who wants to do an after school activitiy?Tzu-Lee
3.Who likes cars?Jack
4. Who doesn´t like walking?Jack
5.Who goes on excursions?Tzu-Lee´s neighbours
6.Who doesn´t have much free time?Tzu-Lee, Jack and Jack´s mum
7.Who goes bowling or cycling?Jack´s mum and Jack

3 page 9
1. Trip: excursion.
2. Pensioner: person over 65
3. Drama: theatre.
4. Hobby: free time activity.
5.Town:small city
6. Teenager: young person.
7.Coach: type of bus.

4 pag 9
Play: chess
Go: riding, bowling, cycling, dancing and swimming
Do: drama and gymnastics 

2 pag 10
1. I play table tennis
2. We don´t go to school on Saturdays.
3. Tzu-Lee doesn´t have a lot of free time.
4. Jack eats fruit for breakfast.
5. My sister does gymnastics on Fridays.
6. They don´t teach Spanish in our school.
7. You live near the park.

3 pag 10
1. What time does she get up? At quarter to eight.
2. Does she eat cereal for breakfast? No, she doesn´t. She has toast for breakfast.
3. Which bus does she catch? The number 12 bus to school.
4. When do lessons start? At 9 o´clock.
5.Does she like Spanish? Yes, she does.
6. Where does she have lunch? In the school canteen.
7. What do they do after school? She goes to a school club with her friends.

4 page 11
1. Jack doesn´t like playing table tennis but Tzu Lee does.
2.Tzu-Lee doesn´t like going shopping but Jack does.
3.Jack likes going running but Tzu-Lee doesn´t.
4.Tzu-Lee likes going cycling but Jack doesn´t.
5.Jack likes downloading music but Tzu-Lee doesn´t

a.Do you like playing table tennis? Yes, I do.
b.Do you like going shopping? Yes, I do.
c.Do you like going running?No, I don´t.
d.Do you like going cycling?Yes, I do.
e.Do you like downloading music? No, I don´t.

5 page 11
1.Do you ever read in bed? No, I never read in bed.
2.Do you ever get angry with the computer? Yes, I often get angry with the computer.
3.Do you ever win games? No, I hardly ever (=casi nunca) win games.
4.Do you ever think you´re stupid? Yes, I sometimes think that I´m stupid.
5.Are you ever nervous before an exam? Yes, I´m usually nervous before an exam.

6 page 11
3: D
How often is Halloween?
How often is your birthday?

2 page 12
Exercise A
1. No, because he prefers to do other things on his own and he doesn´t like clubs of riding,athletics, drama and so on.
2. The reading and photography clubs.
Exercise B.
Name of club      Day                 Time
riding                Wednesday     5 o´clock
drama               Friday              4.40
book                  Monday            4.45
photography    Tuesday           5 o´clock 

3 page 13
1. Twice
2. Club
3. Bad
4. Relaxing
5. Creative 

 4 page 13
1. I go dancing and play football.
2. I play football twice a week and I go dancing every two days.
3. I play football at the sports facilities and I go dancing at a club.
4. I play football with my football team and I go dancing with a friend.
5. I am good at dancing but bad at football.
6. I like football because it is a team sport and I like dancing because it's fun.

1 page 14
1. Girls' football team
2. In the school playground
3. On Wednesdays and Fridays at 4.30 pm
4. Claire (Year 6 room 11)
5. It's free
6. Football boots and shorts

1. Computer games
2. In the computer room
3. On Wednesdays at five o'clock
4. Bonny (Year 5 room 10)
5. It's €2 every time
6. Your favourite games to play

2 page 14
1.B, 2.A, 3.A, 4.A, 5.B, 6.A, 7.B, 8.A.   

3 page 14
Skating club
We meet on Thursdays in the break, at the basketball court.
Bring your skates!
For more information contact Javier Cayetano
(Maths teacher. You can find him in the teacher's room) 
It's fun and free! 

1 page 15

a)I like team games because you can celebrate with friends and share the merit.
b) Corner= corner
Kick= chutar
Off-side= fuera de juego
Tackle= entrada (fútbol)
Goalkeeper= portero
Half time= medio tiempo
Penalty= penalti
Referee= árbitro

2 page 15
· A footbsall match is 90 minutes.
· The first touch of the ball must go forwards.
· You head a ball with your head.
· A fotball is round.
· The first football club was in Sheffield, England.
· The person reponsible for the game is the referee.
· A foul is bad play.
· They play extra time at the end.
· Two players can go inside the penalty area, the goal keeper and the player who is taking the penalty.
· The half-time break is fifteen minutes.

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