Wednesday, 2 November 2011

2º ESO. Verbs Revision. October



1. No son= they aren´t
2. ¿Ella juega?= does she play?
3. Estás comiendo= you are eating
4.Tenemos= we have got
5. Ellos intentan= they try
6.¿Estás andando?= are you walking?
7.Nadan= they swim
8. No se levanta= he doesn´t get up
9.Estás comprando= you are buying
10.Él cocina= he cooks
11.Emparejáis= you match
12.¿Son?=are they?
13.A él le gusta= he likes
14.¿Tenéis?=have you got?
15.Ellas estudian= they study
16.No vemos la tele= we don´t watch TV
17.Cantáis= you sing
18.¿Soy?=am I?
19.¿Vive?= does he live?
20.¿Viven?=do they live?
21.Hablamos= we talk
22.No se levanta tarde= he does not get up late
23.Regresábamos= we returned
24.Se va a la cama temprano= he goes to bed early
25.¿Estáis comprando un helado?= are you buying an ice-cream?
26.Nos ponemos un disfraz= we put on a fancy dress
27.Van a casa= they go home
28.No alimentan= they don´t feed
29.Cazan= they hunt
30.No estamos gastando= we aren´t spending
31.Estoy esperando= I am waiting
32.Quiere= he wants
33.Él nació= he was born
34.Fueron= they were/ they went
35.Estaban= they were
36.Estuvieron= they were
37.No fuimos a Madrid= we did not go to Madrid
38.No fuimos los mejores=we were not the best
39.¿Fueron?= did they go?/ were they?
40.Leyó= he read
41.Lee= he reads
42.Descubrieron= they discovered
43.No contó= he did not count/ he didn´t tell
44.¿Eran?= were they?
45.Llegaron= they arrived
46.No llegaron= they didn´t arrive
47.¿Llegaron?= did they arrive?
48.Volaba= he flew
49.Él no volaba= he didn´t fly
50.Vino= he came
51.Lo vio= he saw it
52.Estuvo= he was
53.Era= he was
54.No estaba= he wasn´t
55.No fue(ser)= he wasn´t
56.Eras= you were
57.Estabais= you were
58.¿Éramos?= were we?
59.Estabas= you were
60.Había mucha gente= there were a lot of people
61.No había una persona= there wasn´t a person
62.Cogieron el tren= they took the train

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