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2º ESO. Unit 2. Communicative revision. Parts 1 and 2.




-In photo A, I can see a web designer.
-In photo B, I can see a teacher.
-In photo C, I can see a lawyer.
-In photo D, I can see a farmer.
-In photo E, I can see a mechanic.
-In photo F, I can see a sales assistant.


a) In photo A there is a woman. She is a web designer. She is working in the office.
b) In photo B there is a man. He is a teacher. He is writing on the blackboad. He is in the classroom.
c) In photo C there is a woman. She is a lawyer. She is holding a book in the court (tribunal).
d) In photo D there is a woman. She is a farmer. She is carrying food in two baskets. She is in the country.
e) In photo E there is a man. He is a mechanic. He is working in the factory.
f) In photo F there is a man. He is a sales assistant. He is selling food in a market.


I would like to be a teacher.


- Pilot.
- Vet.
- Doctor.
- Teacher.
- Waiter.

-A vet treats animals.
-A doctor cures sick people.
-A designer designs houses.
-A waiter serves food in the restaurants.
-A farmer cultivates the land.
-A builder builds houses.

-The man in letter A is a firefighter.
-The woman in letter B is a factory worker.
-The man in letter C is a pilot.
-The man in letter D is a director/banker.
-The man in letter E is an architect.
-The boy in letter F is a DJ.
-The man in letter G is a waiter.
-The man in letter H is a computer programmer/web designer.


a. I think a firefighther's job is dangerous.
b. I think a factory worker's job is boring.
c. I think being a pilot is very interesting.
d.I think a banker is well-paid.
e. I think an architect's job is difficult.
f.I think a DJ's job is fun.
g. I think a waiter is badly-paid.
h. I think a computer programmer's job is very easy.

10.(p.19) (optional)

His name is Adam. He works as a living statue or street statue. Working so, he ears money and he watches the world at the same time .You have to be patient, fit and strong. It's not easy to stay still for hours and hours. He usually works for two hours in one place and he goes and finds a new place. Some people watch him and give him some money but some people are very irritating, because they touch him or they talk to him. He doesn't answer but sometimes he wants to laugh. He works in the street, and also in restaurants and cafés, where he sits like a customer or he stands like a waiter. He works at birthday parties and other events too. His job is not boring, because he changes his appearance. He can be a cowboy, a Roman emperor or Charlie Chaplin. He doesn't always want to be a living statue. One day he'd like to be an actor. Then he can move.


- You're working in the office.
- You aren't working in the office.
- Are you working in the office?
- Yes,I am / No,I'm not.
- Estás trabajando en la oficina.


1.The dentist is not reading a book. He is treating a patient.
2.The builder is not singing. He is bulding a house.
3.The waiter's not sleeping. He's serving food.
4.A teacher is not telling a joke. He is teaching Maths.

A person is studying.
Another one is speaking.
Another one is writing on the blackboad.
Another one is explaning.
Another one is listening.


She goes to her music lesson every Monday she is riding to her music lesson now.


2. He usually plays fooball, but now he is eating.
3.She usually drives the bus but now she is eating.
4.He usually repairs cars but now he is playing cards.
18.He would read books every day.
He wouldn't read books every day.
Would he read books every day?
Yes, he would/No, he wouldn't.
Él leería libros todos los días.


-I would't like to be famous.
-I wouldn't like to live in a cold country.
-I would like to go to Mars.
-I wouldn't like to do a dangerous job.
-I would like to climb a mountain.
-I wouldn't like to have a Saturday job
-I wouldn't like to leave school when I am 16.


-I'd like go to the United Kingdom.
-I'd like to be a teacher.
-I wouldn't like to be an astronaut.
-I wouldn't like to be a waiter.


In the picture, there are 7 people, 4 dogs and 2 horses.
Two people are playing with a ball, one girl is walking with 4 dogs, one boy is riding a bike, one girl is washing her car, one boy is riding a horse and the other boy is washing his horse.
They are in the street.

In the UK teenagers can work when they are 13 years old. They can work five hours a day, on Saturdays and during the school holidays. They can work a maximum of twenty five hours a week.
When they are fifteen, teenagers can work eight hours a day, on Saturdays and during the school holidays. They can work a maximum of thirty five hours a week.


He is a paper boy, he gets up at 6:00 o'clock, and then he goes to the Newsagent's to take the newpapers and deliver them to the houses. He goes by bike. On his route, there are 30 houses, he takes 45 minutes. He gets home at 7:15. Before he showers, he has breakfast and then he goes to school. He likes his job, but he doesn't like getting up early. This job is badly-paid, only about 12 pounds at week.


-And: I got have a dog and cat.
-But: I like animals, but I don't want to be a vet.
.Because : I like school because I learn a lot of things and I see my friends every weekday.
Her name is Christina. She is fourteen. She is doing grade 9. She likes gymnascics and she is in the school team. She also loves animals. When she is older, she wants to be a circus actress because she wants to travel the world or work in a zoo. She wouldn't like to be a soldier because it's dangerous or work in a bank because it's boring for her. She'd like to stop war and terrorism, but she knows that it is difficult. To make it happen, she thinks she can write a letter to the President and tell people what she thinks.
My name is .... I am thirteen. I am doing grade 8. I like ...... and I ....... I also love animals. When I am older, I want to be a ...... because I want to ...... or ....... I wouldn't like to be a ...... because it's ...... or work in a ...... because it's ....... I'd like to ......, but I know that it is difficult. To make it happen, I think I can .......

A half
A quarter
A third
An eighth
A fifth 

30. (ex.2.p.24)
-A third plus a sixth is three sixths.
-Three-quarters minus one eighth is five eights.
-Two fifths plus two tenths is six tenths.
-A half minus a quarter is a quarter.


1.A half is fifty percent
2.Three-quarters is seventy five percent
3.Two-thrds is sixty six point six percent
4.A fifth is twenty percent
5.Three-tenths is thirty percent

1.Red is twenty five percent
2.Blue is a half
3.Red or blue is seventy five percent
4.Red is a fourth
5.Red or black is three eights


-He works in a book shop on Saturdays. He earns 40 pounds a day. He puts one fourth in the bank and he gives 10 percent to his mother. He spends the rest: 26 pounds.


-The mechanic repairs my father's car. It costs two hundred and fifty euros plus a 16 percent of VAT. The total is not three hundred pounds. It is two hundred and ninety pounds.


-Sarah delivers pizzas at the weekend. On Saturday evening she delivers 27 pizzas, and on Saturday evening she delivers 50 percent less. She delivers 18 pizzas.


-Sue's mother has a sweet shop. She gives Sue 40 sweets to eat with her friends. A half are toffees, three quarters are chocolates and the rest are jellies.
-3/8 = 0'5 = 0'5/100 = 0'5% 3/8 chocolates
-1/8 = 0'125 = 0'12/100 = 0'12% 1/6 jellies
-Solution : 50% are taffees. 0'5% are chocolates. 0'12% are jellies.

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