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2º ESO. Unit 2. Exercises.

Exercises on page 17
Exercise 1:
1.-I can see a web designer, a teacher, a lawyer, a farmer, a factory worker and a shop assistant (or market trader). I also know: a doctor, an architect, a nurse, a firefighter and a police officer.

Exercise 2:
a. A farmer and a market trader work outside. 
b. A factory worker works in a factory.
c. A teacher and a lawyer help people.
d. A teacher works with people.
e. A market trader sells things.
f. A factory worker works with machines. 

Exercise 3:
1. My mum is a teacher (house cleaner, housewife (=ama de casa), shop assistant... and my dad works in the country, he is a farmer (builder(=albañil), he builds houses...)
2. When I am older, I would like to be a teacher, a vet, a lawyer...

Exercises on page 18

Exercise 1:
- Architect = arquitecto
- Dentist =dentista
- Engineer =ingeniero
- Lawyer =abogado
- Doctor =doctor
- Vet =veterinario
- Builder = constructor, albañil
- Director =director
- DJ = dj
- Nurse =enfermera
- Pilot =piloto
- Waiter =camarero
- Car mechanic = mecánico de coches
- Factory worker =trabajador de fábrica
- Firefighter =bombero
- Sales assistant =asistente de ventas, dependiente
- Teacher = maestro
- Web designer = diseñador de web

Exercise 3:
  1. Vet
  2. Architect
  3. Lawyer
  4. Web designer
  5. Car mechanic
  6. Waiter
  7. Sales assistant
  8. Firefighter 
    1. This person treats people: a doctor.
    2. This person teaches children: a teacher.
    3. This person works in a bank: a banker.
    4. This person acts in films: an actor.

Exercise 4:

a. I think a firefighther's job is dangerous.b. I think a factory worker's job is boring.
c. I think being a pilot is very interesting.
d.I think a banker is well-paid.
e. I think an architect's job is difficult.
f.I think a DJ's job is fun.
g. I think a waiter is badly-paid.
h. I think a computer programmer's job is very easy.

Exercises on page 19

Exercise 1:
1.- Because they are persons and they don't move.
2.- No, I don't.

Exercise 2:
a) 3
b) 1
c) 2

Exercise 3:

1) Earn
2) Sit
3) Cafés
4) Customers
5) Emperor
6) Movie

Exercise 4:
1.- Adam works as a living statue.
2.- He goes to different places.
3.- People give him some money.
4.- Not everyone is nice to him.
5.- He doesn't talk to people when he is working.
6.- He works as a statue in restaurants.
7.- He often changes his appearance.
8.- He wants to be a street statue in the future.

P. 20 and 21

1. The dentist is treating a patient.
2. The builder is building a house.
3. The waiter is serving food.
4. The teacher is teaching Maths.

2- 1. What is the architect drawing?
2. What is the DJ doing?
3. What are the car mechanics repairing?
4. What are the students learning?

3- 1. Are you listening? Yes, I am.
2. Is your partner sleeping? No, she isn`t.
3. Are the students singing? Yes, they are.
4. Is your teacher shouting? Yes, he is.
5. Are the students speaking Spanish? Yes, they are.
6. Are you writing messages? No, I am not.

4- 1. Is riding.
2. Goes.
3. Plays.
4. Isn`t playing.

5- 1. The teacher usually teaches Maths but now he is reading.
2. The football player usually plays football but now he is eating.
3. The driver usually drives a bus but now she is having lunch.
4. The mechanic usually repairs cars but now he is playing cards.

6- 1. Are having.
2. Are staying.
3. Go.
4. Have.
5. Visit.
6. Take part.
7. Don`t understand.
8. Like.

  1. Would you like to be famous? No, I wouldn't.
  2. Would you like to live in a cold country? No, I wouldn't.
  3. Would you like to go to Mars? No, I wouldn't.
  4. Would you like to do a dangerous job? No, I wouldn't.
  5. Would you like to climb a mountain? Yes, I would.
  6. Would you like to have a Saturday job? No, I wouldn't.
  7. Would you like to leave school when you are 16? NO, I WOULDN'T!!!!!!

1-They are working: one boy is babysitting, another boy is delivering papers, the third boy is horse riding and another boy is cleaning a horse. One of the girls is washing a car and another girl is walking some dogs.

2-At 18 years old. (they don't say "WITH" 18 years old).
3-They can't work until they are eighteen. When they are eighteen they can have the same jobs as adults.

Age: 13
Hours a day: 5
When? On Saturdays and during the school holidays.
Maximum of hours a week: 25          

Age: 15
Hours a day: 8
When? On Saturdays or in the school holidays.
Maximum of hours per week: 35 

1. He is a paperboy.
2. He gets up at 6 a.m. every weekday.
3. There are 30 houses
4. It takes him about forty-five minutes.
5. He gets home at seven fifteen.
6. He thinks it's OK.
7. He gets about twelve pounds a week.

1. newsagent's 
2. by bike
3. has a shower and breakfast
4. doesn't like
5. badly-paid


1.  I do a paper round and I work in my mum's shop.
2. I'd like to earn a lot of money but I don't want to work very hard.
3. William wants to leave school at 16 because he doesn't like studying.
4. They work very hard but they haven't got much money.
5. She wants to be an architect because she loves buildings.

1. The writer is Christina.
2. She is doing grade 9 at high school.
3. She likes gymnastics and she also loves animals.
4. She would like to be a circus acrobat or work in a zoo.
5. She wouldn't like to be a soldier or work in a bank.
6. She'd like to stop wars and terrorism.
7. She can write a letter to the President and also tell people what she thinks.

My name is .... I am thirteen. I am doing grade 8. I like ...... and I ....... I also love animals. When I am older, I want to be a ...... because I want to ...... or ....... I wouldn't like to be a ...... because it's ...... or work in a ...... because it's ....... I'd like to ......, but I know that it is difficult. To make it happen, I think I can .......



1. Three-quarters equals 3/4

2. A half = 1/2

3. A third = 1/3

4. A quarter = 1/4

5. Five-sixths = 5/6

6. Two-thirds = 2/3
7. A fifth = 1/5

8. Three-eights = 3/8


1. A third plus a sixth equals (or "is equal to") 3/6

2. There quarters minus an eight = 5/8

3. Two-fifths plus two-tenths = 6/10
4. A half minus a quarter = 1/4


1. A half = 50%

2. Three-quarters = 75 %

3. Two-thirds = 66%
4 A fifth = 20%

5. Three-tenths = 13%

4- Look at the diagram and answer these questions.

1. What precentage of the diagram is red? 25%
2. What fraction is blue? 1/2

3. What percentage is red or blue? Red = 25% Blue = 50% Red and Blue = 75 %

4. What fraction is not white? = 6/10
5. What fraction is red or black? 3/8


1. Solution = He spends 27.

2. Solution = It´s not correct.

3. Solution = She delivers 18 pizzas.

4. Solution = 50% are toffees and 50% are chocolates and jellies.

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