Friday, 24 February 2012




1.I can see a trumpet, a trombone, a saxo, a double bass, an electric guitar, a drum set and a violin.
2. Yes, because music makes our lives happier.
3. Soft, catchy, verse, chorus and rhythm.
4. Rap is fast; jazz is rhythm; pop is catchy; classical is soft; rock is loud.
5. (+) Love, be crazy about, like (-) hate, can’t understand, don’t like (+/-) don’t mind.

6. Ben doesn't mind rap but he prefers reggae.
Juani loves rap and hip-hop. But she prefers Spanish rap to English rap.
Fernanda hates loud music but she doesn't mind pop music. She loves opera.
Miriam's brother is crazy about heavy metal but she can't stand it.
Miriam loves classical music.

7. I love pop music, because it’s catchy and rhythmic.
10. Some famous singers are record breakers, like The Beatles, Madonna or Michael Jackson. The album Thriller (by M. Jackson) was a best-selling album and Madonna was the most popular woman solo artist, with more than 120 million albums sold. But there are less famous individual music records. For example, Rebel XD can rap 683 syllables in 54.501 seconds; the longest drum marathon was in Australia and lasted 84 hours; and the youngest DJ is DJ Welly and he was 8. There are other groups of people and pieces of music with different records like: the largest orchestra has got 6452 musicians, the biggest choir has 60000 singers, the longest opera lasts 5h 15’ and was composed by Wagner, the longest symphony lasts 13h. If you have a good idea for a new record, you can write to Guinness and tell them.

11. This pen is longer than the other pen.

12. Lorena is more beautiful than Joana.

13. The trumpet is smaller than the piano and bigger than the tambourine. The piano is louder than the tambourine and larger than the trumpet.

14. Sam is taller than Rob. Gary is happier than Meg. The car is more modern than the tractor.

15. A town is bigger than a village.
A village is smaller than a town.
Pico Mulhacén is lower than Mount Everest.
Mount Everest is higher than Pico Mulhacén.
Shakira is older than Eminem.
Eminem is younger than Shakira.
Duncan 55 kg is heavier than Vincent 50 kg.
Vincent 50 kg is lighter than Duncan 55 kg.
Summer is hotter than winter.
Winter is colder than summer.
Madrid is smaller than New York.
New York is bigger than Madrid.

16. Chinese is more difficult than Spanish. 
A firefighter’s job is more dangerous than a carpenter's job. 
Frankenstein isn't more beautiful than my sister. 
Carrots are nicer than lettuces. 
New York is further than Paris.

17. I’m the biggest in my family.

18. Marta is the most beautiful in the class.

19. Nolio XJ is the heaviest model. 
Nolio XJ is the smallest model (of the three).
Whizzo L2 is the cheapest model. 
Whizzo L2 is the lightest model (of the three).
Sonitra 3W is the biggest model. 
Sonitra 3W is the most expensive model (of the three).

20. Miguel is the tallest person in the class. Carlos is the youngest person in the class. Dario is the funniest person in the class. Carlos and Melina are the most intelligent persons in the class. Mº Angeles is the most artistic person in the class. Luis is the most athletic person in the class.

21. Read the text.

22. in Jamaica there are all types of music: reggae, rap, traditional music and music from other countries like Brazil. He likes all kinds of music, but his favourite music is pop, because he loves dancing. He prefers music in English because he understands the lyrics. He can’t stand heavy metal because it is very loud.

23. Ruth does't want to come to the cinema with Tzu-Lee next Friday because she goes to visit her grandmother.
She doesn't go shopping on Saturday morning because she's going shopping with her mother.
She's going to Tzu-Lee's house to eat pizza and watch a film at half past seven on Saturday evening because that sounds like fun.

24. I like jazz and I also like classical music. I have pop CDs and I have rock CDs too. I can’t play the saxo or the piano.

25. Read the text.

26. He likes many types of music, he likes pop and he also likes classical music; but he doesn’t like jazz or techno. In his opinion, the best singer is Avril Lavigne. She usually sings folk, pop, rock and punk. He thinks Avril sings very well. She composes her own songs. Her songs are about peace, love, life,… He listens to Avril’s songs when he is doing his homework and chatting with his friends.

27. I like many types of music. I like pop and I also like rock, but I don’t like classical or jazz. In my opinion, the best singer in all the history is Michael Jackson. He sang (past, irregular verb) rock, pop-rock or sometimes he sang punk. He usually composed his songs. And his songs were about all types. I listen to his songs when I read or I play videogames.

This is the project of Juan and me, Carlos Juez

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