Wednesday, 4 April 2012

3º ESO. Optional project 2. India

I upload the optional project for 3º ESO.


A) Go to this page and discover this new country

  1. Geography:
  • Paste a map of India in the world
  • Which are its borders?
  1. Climate:
  • How is it in the North?
  • And in the South?
  1. Cities:
  • Which is its capital city?
  • And other important cities?
  1. Population:
  • Inhabitants
  • Compared to China
  • Compared to USA
  1. Economy:
  • Which sectors are the main sectors in Indian economy?
  1. Languages:
  • How many languages are spoken?
  • Which are the 2 official languages?
  1. Politics:
  • Is it a democracy?
  • Is it a kingdom or a republic?
  • Who is its head of state?
  • And its head of government?
  1. Now, answer these questions about their lifestyles:
  • Are there any differences between villages and urban areas?
  • What do you know about Indian families?
  • Do all boys and girls go to school?
  1. The flag of India
  • Draw or paste a flag
  • Which are its colours?
  • What do they stand for?
  • What is the central symbol? What is its meaning and its colours' meaning?
  1. Select 3 Indian symbols
  2. Festivals:
  • Name 3 festivals and make a brief summary of Diwali

B) Go to this page and write about:

1.- Population: groups and percentages

What religions can you find there?
Which are the most important ones and how many people practise them?

3.- Clothing:
Paste a photo of a sari and describe it.

4.- Dance:
What is a a Bharata Natyam?
How many people dance it?

5.- Music:
Name and describe a musical instrument

6.- The movies:
How many films are made in India every year?
More or less than in Hollywood?
How are Indian movies?
Where are they made?
Name three famous Indian films and two famous actors

C) Now go to this page , click on “A Trip to India” and answer these 3 questions:
1.- Who was Ghandi? Why was he important to India?
2.- What is Taj Mahal? Why was it built?
3.- What is India's most popular sport?

D) On the same page, open a new presentation “Welcome to India”, open the presentation “How well do we know India?” and make the quiz. How many questions did you guess?

Mahatma Gandhi (1869-1948)

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