Friday, 25 May 2012

2º ESO. Unit 5. Communicative photocopy. Part 1


1. A hero is a person that does something to help other people.

2. He is Martin Luther King. He fought for racial equality= a
    They are New York´s firefighters. They saved many people's lives=e
    He is Charles Lindberg. He flew alone across the Atlantic=d
    She is Joanne of Arc. She won a battle=b
    She is Mother Teresa of Calcutta. She helped the poor and sick=c

3. Noun:          Adjective:          Spanish:

    bravery        brave                    valentía;valiente

    danger          dangerous             peligro;peligroso

    fame             famous                 fama;famoso

    strong           strength                fuerza;fuerte

    intelligence   intelligent             inteligencia;inteligente

4. Badly=malo (adverb).  Difficultly=difícilmente.  Immediately=inmediatamente.  Carefully=cuidadosamente.

6.Read the text on page 53.

7. Pronounce the words of the text on p.53

8. On the 26th December 2004 Tilly was on holidays with his family in Thailand. She was playing when she saw the sea move back. She thought there was a tsunami because the water was strange, some bubbles appeared and the tide went out quickly. So she told her mother the problem and she told the hotel manager too. Tilly remembered the Geography class at school. The class was about a tsunami in Hawaii in 1946 that destroyed lots of homes and buildings. This day, Tilly saved lots of persons because she's a good student.

9. Affirmative= You were playing basketball in the court.  
    Negative= You weren't playing...
    Question=Were you playing...?
    Short answers= Yes, I was.     No, I wasn't.
    Spanish= Tú estabas jugando a baloncesto en la cancha.

Eddie and Joe were dancing.
Mike was drawing on the blackboard.
John was singing.
Tony was studying.
Dave was standing on a desk.
Karen and Beth were playing with a ball.
Peter and Jack were fighting.
11.Affirmative= I played.
   Negative= I didn't play.
   Questions= Did I play?
   Short answers= Yes, I did.     No, I didn't.
   Spanish= yo jugué/jugaba.

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