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2º A. Unit 5. Exercises

                                          UNIT 5 EXERCICES                                          

                                                   Page  51

Ex. 1
.A hero does something to help other people

Ex. 2
. Martin Luther King. He fought for...
. Firefighters. They saved...
.Charles Lindbergh. He flew...
.Joanne of Arch. She won...
.Mother Theresa of Calcuta. She helped...
      Page  52

Ex. 1
Noun                 Adjective
Bravery             Brave
Danger             Dangerous
Fame                Famous
Strength           Strong
Intelligence       Intelligent

Ex. 2
. Carefully    . Angrily
.Luckily         .Easily
.Quickly         .Immediately
.Badly            .Well

1- Badly
2- Immediately
3- Angrily
4- Carefully
5- Luckily
6- Well
7- Easily
8- Fast

                               Page  53

Ex. 1
b. Because she saved many people’s lives

.She’s from Britain
.She was in Phuket, Thailand
.She was with her family
.The sea moved back very quickly
.She told it to her mother first
.In Geography class
.Yes, the tsunami killed thousands of people, but Tilly saved many lives too


Happily, rapidly, quickly, possibly, quickly
Regular past tenses:
Moved, looked, explained, arrived, remembered, destroyed, killed, saved, saved, remembered, described
Irregular past tenses:
Was, were, knew, was, was, were, went out, understood, was, ran, was, told, was, saw, said

                    Page  54

2.  At  8am he was going to school. He wasn’t  going to the park
3.  At  4pm he was chatting to Alice. He wasn’t chatting to Deborah
4.  At  5pm  they were playing football. They weren’t playing basketball
5.  At  6pm  they  were walking home. They weren’t running home
6.  At  8pm  Craig was doing his homework.  He wasn’t watching TV

1/b  I was playing basketball with my friends
2/e  Because I was telling her a joke
3/d  We were living in Seville
4/c  Because I was watching a sad film on TV
5/a  I was chatting to Jenny

.Who was singing? John was singing.
. Who was dancing with Eddie? Joe was dancing with Eddie.
.Was David standing on a chair? Yes, he was.
.Who were fighting on the classroom? Peter and Jack were fighting in the classroom.
.What was Mike drawing on the board? He was drawing a caricature.
.Were Karen and Beth playing with a ball? Yes, they were.
.Was Tony  studying? Yes, he was.

                                       Page  55

Ex. 4
. was  walking / fell
. were dancing / went
. was cycling / ran
. had / was having

Ex. 5
.The sun was shining when we left the house
.They weren’t driving fast when the accident happened
.We met Jack while we were walking to the cinema
.The baby took the cake while his mother wasn’t looking
.I was watching TV when you arrived
.A string broke while he was playing his guitar

Ex. 6
1= was having                            8=didn’t understand
2= was talking                           9= was happening
3= was listening                       10= understood
4= flew                                       11= told
5= went                                     12= shouted
6= were playing                       13= ran
7= saw

                               Page  56

Ex. 1
1/e    2/h    3/c    4/a    5/g   6/d    7/b   8/f

2= Tzu-Lee    3= Tzu-Lee   4= Jack   5= Tzu-Lee   6= Jack   7=Jack (Teresa's words)  8= Tzu-Lee
                              Page  58

b)        1= 1952  2=Superman    3=May 27th 1995   4=never   5=Tragically  6=2004
c)        Christopher  Reeve
1=Who he is
2=Where he was born
3= When he was born
4= His early life
5= Special things he did
6= When he  died


Page  59

1. F
2. T
3. T
4. F
5. T



1. F
2. T
3. T
4. T
5. F
6. T

Ex. Yes, because he fought bravely for his ideas.

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