Tuesday, 8 October 2013

1º ESO. Project 1. Project on child soldiers



1.- Go to the blog, watch the video “Child Soldiers. A Global Issue” and answer the questions:

a) How many child soldiers are there all over the world?

b) What are girls used for?

c) How old are the youngest child soldiers?

d) How many countries recruit child soldiers into their armed forces?

e) What percentage of all fighters are child soldiers?

f) Complete the sentence: “In the last decade, about 2 million minors ..........., 600,000 …......

g) How is the situation in Africa?

h) How long do child soldiers train before combat?

i) Look at the map. How many countries have child soldiers? Identify at least 20 of them.

2.- Make a poster (one image + one sentence) for your class against this world problem.

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