Wednesday, 25 December 2013

1º ESO. Project 2. The Millennium Development Goals


1.- Name the 8 millennium development goals

2.- Click on goal 1:

2.1.- Click on the rice.

2.2.- Which is the goal?

2.3.- Which is the target?

2.4.- Write Imagine...

2.5.- Write: Fact ...

3.- Click on goal 2:

3.1.- Order the letters on the blackboard.

3.2.- Which is the goal?

3.3.- Which is the target?

3.4.- Write Imagine...

3.5.- Write: Fact ...

4.- Click on goal 3:

4.1.- Click on the picture and write down the sentence that appears (aparece).

4.2.- Which is the goal?

4.3.- Which is the target?

5.- Click on goal 4:

5.1.- Give the medicine to the baby.

5.1.1.-How many children die from preventable illness every year?

5.1.2.-And every day?

5.2.- Which is the goal?

5.3.- Which is the target?

6.- Click on goal 5:

6.1.- Click on the woman and write down the sentence that appears .

6.2.- Which is the goal?

6.3.- Which is the target?

7.- Click on goal 6:

7.1.- Put the mosquito net over the baby.

7.2.- Which is the goal?

7.3.- Which is the target?

7.5.- Write: Fact…

8.- Click on goal 7:

8.1.- Put the mouse over the glass. Which sentence can you read?

8.2.- Which is the goal?

8.3.- Which is the second target?

9.- Click on goal 8 and solve the jigsaw puzzle. Write and translate the sentence that appears.

9.1.- Put the mouse over the glass. Which sentence can you read?

9.2.- Which is the goal?

9.3.- Which is the second target?

10. Now, answer these questions retated to all the goals:

10.1- How many people live on less than one dollar a day?

10.2.- How many children don't go to primary school?

10.3.- How many girls?

10.4.- How many women work compared to (comparado con) men?

10.5.- How many children die every year from preventable illness?

10.6.- Where do most women and girls die in pregnancy and childbirth?

10.7.- How many children have lost one or both of their parents to AIDS (SIDA)?

10.8.- How many people don't have access to toilets?


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