Wednesday, 25 December 2013

2º ESO. Ecology project 2. Help Our Planet

DO YOU WANT TO HELP OUR PLANET? (Use the dictionary to help you when you need it.)  
Part 1
 Click on

1.What is “Cool The Earth”?

2.What 5 elements does the programme work with?

 3.Go to the section of “Resources” and get the big picture on global warming. Then, answer these questions:
 1.When did the human action start to affect the Earth's climate?
2.What are the two reasons for the increase of greenhouse gases nowadays?
 3.Why are temperatures rising?
4.What aren't scientists sure of?
5.What 7 effects has climate change already had?
6.What three things can we do to save energy?

4.Go to the “Action Coupons” section and:
1.Select 5 energy-saving actions you can take to help cool the earth. Explain the action and how you can help. Try to use your own words. Example: Action: Turn off the water while brushing your teeth. How can I help?: I must turn off the water while I am brushing my teeth. How much carbon dioxide will I save with this action? I will save 175 lbs of carbon Note: The pound (abbreviation: lb) is exactly 0.45 kilograms.
2.Now, select 5 energy-saving actions your parents can take at hometo help fight global warming. Again, explain the action and how they can help with your own words.

 Part 2
 Now, what's your footprint on the planet?. How much land area do you need to support your lifestyle? Go to , click on “Footprint for you” and find out. When you start the quiz, select Italy as the nearest location to Spain. After you take the quiz, write down the results:

1.Your ecological print: If everyone lived the same lifestyle as you …

2.Which areas of your footprint are the largest? Name them in order and draw your footprint's chart.

3.Click on “How can we all live well within the means of one planet?” and
1.How many planets does humanity use now?
2.According to the UN (United Nations), what may happen by the 2030s?
3.Look at Spain's print and explain what you see in the line chart.  


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