Monday, 29 December 2014

Project 2. Are You like Me?


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Read about a group of British friends and find the answers to these questions:

  1. How many people are there in John´s gang?
  1. What are their names?
  1. Where do they live?

Let´s know something else about them:

  1. Where is his dad from?
  2. What language does he speak?
  3. What´s his religion? Why?
  4. What does he eat at home?

  1. Where does her mother live? Why?
  2. What languages does she speak? Why?
  3. What´s her religion?
  4. Name two people that she likes.


  1. Who does he live with?
  2. Where does his grandmother come from?
  3. What language does he speak with his grandmother? 
  4. What´s his religion?
  5. What do most Rastas eat? What doesn´t Nat eat? Why?
  6. What was hwe grandmother´s job when she arrived in Britain?
  7. Who is his best friend?
  8. What does he like of Tzu Lee?

  1. How do Taz´s family greet their visitors?
  2. Where does her family come from?
  3. When did her father emigrate to Britain? Why did he do it?
  4. What languages does Taz´s speak (4)?
  5. What´s special about Arabic?
  6. What religion has she got?
  7. Where do British Muslims come from?
  8. What are the five pillars of Islam?
  9. Does she have problems with her neighbours?
  10. Who lives with her family? Why? 
  11. Does she like the word “Pakis”? Why?
  12. Why does she admire Megan?

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