Monday, 30 March 2015

Project 2. USA


A) Presentation

B) Complete the chart about USA

Capital City

Largest City


Border Countries

Border Oceans

National Independence Day



National Bird

National Flower

National Anthem

Political System

Party System



  -Upper House:
  -Lower House


Drives on the

C) History

         In which eight stages can we divide the United States' history?
         How many presidents have there been in the USA? Name 5 of them. Who was the first president? Which president abolished slavery? Name 2 presidents who were assassinated and one who resigned. Who is the first black president of USA?

D) Geography

D.1. States
·         How many states are there in the USA? Name 5 of them.
·         Divide the USA into 4 regions and say the most significant city of each one.
D.2. Cities
·         Which are the three biggest cities in USA?
·         Place these cities on the US map: New York, San Francisco, Washington, Los Angeles, Chicago, Orlando, Miami, Dallas, Seattle, Boston and Houston.
D.3. National parks
·         Which two national parks would you like to visit? Why?

D.4. Map
·         Paste a map of the USA and locate the 5 states and the 11 cities on it.

E) Symbols and monuments of the USA
·         Paste an image of each one of these symbols and 4 monuments:
·         The Stars and Stripes
·         The Great Seal of the USA
·         The bald Eagle (national bird)
·         Uncle Sam

·         The Washington Monument
·         The US Capitol
·         The White House
·         The Liberty Bell: What does it symbolize?
·         The Statue of Liberty
·         The Gateway Arch
·         Mount Rushmore
·         The Alamo: What is the Alamo?
·         The Golden Gate Bridge

F) Celebrations
·         Name 3 festivities from the presentation. When are they celebrated and what do they celebrate?

G) Multiculturality
         What are the main ethnic groups in the US?
         What is the meaning of the acronym WASP?
         Where do most native Americans live?
         Why did black Americans arrive in the US?
         Where do most Asian and Pacific emigrants concentrate?
         Which countries do most Hispanics come from?
         What percentage does every ethnic group represent?

H) Famous people
         Can you match the names and the photos of slides 4 and 5? Which of these famous people are American?

I) Culture: different aspects: literature, visual arts, theatre, cinema and music

I.1) Literature
·         How many American writers have won the Nobel Prize? Name 1 of them with his/her photo.

I.2) Visual arts


         Paste one painting of one of them.

I.3) Theatre
ñ  Where is Broadway?
ñ  How many theatres are there in Broadway?
         Choose one show that is on at the moment.

I.4) Movies
ñ  Where is Hollywood?
ñ  How much money did the tickets generate only in the USA in 2010?

Surf the internet and find the answers to these questions:
ñ  Which is the first famous work of early cinema?
ñ  Name two films by Charles Chaplin.
ñ  In which film did Mickey Mouse first appear?
ñ  Which one was the first feature-length film by Disney?
ñ  Who made Citizen Cane? When?
ñ  Name three famous film-makers from the 70s and one famous film by each.
ñ  Which is the first blockbuster (éxito de taquilla) film?
ñ  And the first film with spectacular special effects?
ñ  And the top grossing movie (película más taquillera) of all time?
ñ  Name three recent mega-blockbusters.
ñ  How many films do the US produce per year? And India?

I.5) Music

ñ  Which two important music events happen in the 50s?
ñ  And which is the famous group of the 60s?
ñ  When does disco music appear?
ñ  Which is the first hit by Michael Jackson? And by Madonna?
ñ  Name your favourite American band or singer. Why do you like them?

J) Sports

ñ  Which are “the Big Four” (the 4 main sports in the USA)?
ñ  How are their leagues called?
ñ  What is the Super Bowl?

K) The American Way of Life
ñ  Find the logos for 5 of these US based Multinational companies

General Motors
Ben & Jerry’s
Pizza hut
Burger King
Polo Ralph Lauren
Levi Strauss
Tommy Hilfiger

L) Sillicon Valley

ñ  What is Sillicon Valley? Why is it worldwide-known?
ñ  Name 5 companies that are based there.

M) Theme parks

ñ  Where are these famous theme parks?
ñ  Choose one attraction in each one?

America lives in the heart of every man everywhere who wishes to find a region where he will be free to work out his destiny as he chooses”.

(Woodrow T. Wilson (1856-1924) Twenty-eighth President of the USA)