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2º ESO. Unit 6. Communicative photocopy. Part 2.



10. Page 62
      disgusting- asqueroso            delicacy- delicia, exquisitez
      a fly- una mosca                      grasshopper- saltamontes
      live (adj.)- vivo                         raw- crudo
      oyster- ostra                            fat - grasa
      frogs' legs- ancas de ranas

11.Page 62              
     ant- hormiga               butter- mantequilla
     worm- gusano             custom- costumbre
     taste- sabor, saber     fresh- fresco
     peanut- cacahuete     salted- salado

12.Page 62    Speak and listen

13.Page 62   Speak and listen

14.Page 62
    If someone offers you pizza, fried flies, a live oyster or  a fish head for lunch, you will problaby choose pizza. But many people prefer flies.
    In Vietnam they eat fish heads. In Nigeria the people eat fried grasshoppers. In France they eat frogs' legs for dinner .
    Rats, ants, worms, cows' eyes, pigs' feet and spiders are also other delicacies.
    Spiders have more protein tham the beef and taste like peanut butter.
    The food is disgusting or delicious depending on where you live and the customs of the people  around you. For example, If your mother doesn't like tomatoes you will problaby hatethem too. If you don't have  a fridge, you will eat fresh or salted food. And if you are a member of the Masai tribe in    Kenia, you will drink cow's blood mixed with milk.
    Every culture has special food customs and habits. This way, the world is an interesting place.
    So, next time, try the bowl of fried flies!

15.Page 63  
     Five countable nouns are a tomato, a car, a tree, a school and a vegetable.

16.Page 63  
      Five uncountable nouns are milk, rice, blood, chocolate and air.

17.Page 64
     There isn't much rice in the dish – No hay mucho arroz en el plato
     There are many people in the bank – Hay muchas personas en el banco
     There are a lot of cars in the street - Hay muchos coches en la calle

18.Page 64
     Offer: Dad, I'm really hungry. Ok, I will make you a sandwich- Papá, realmente tengo hambre. Ok, te hago un sandwich.

19.Page 64                                                                                        
    Request: It is very hot in the class. Will you open the window, please?- Hace mucho calor en la clase. ¿Abres la ventana, por favor?                                                   

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