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2º ESO. Unit 6. Communicative photocopy. Part 1.


Comunicative Photocopy

Unit 6

1 pg 61 Ex=1

Letter A is Peking duck and it is from China.        
Letter B is sushi and it is from Japan.                          
Letter C is couscous and it is from Turkey.                     
Letter D is a burguer and it is from USA. 
Letter E is tacos and they are from Mexico.
Letter F is roast beef and it is from U.K. 

2 pg 61 Ex=2

I can see rice, duck, tomatoes, beef, fish, potatoes, bread and vegetables.

3 pg 61 Ex=3

In Extremadura, the typical food is  “Migas”.

4 pg 61 Ex=3

In Spain the most typical food is ham.

5 pg 61 Ex=3
2 examples:
-Yes, we do. We eat "caldereta" on Easter Sunday, "torrijas" at Easter and prawns at Christmas.
-Yes,I do. I have got different food for special days, for example, I eat meat with potatoes on Christmas Day.

6 pg 62 Ex=1

Ice-cream, milk, cream and yoghurt are dairies.
Chicken, rabbit, duck and beef are meat.
Oranges, apples, bananas and watermelons are fruits.
Carrots, lettuce, tomatoes and potatoes are vegetables.

7 pg 62 Ex=3

Letter A is coffee and it's sweet.                                     
Letter B is ice-cream and it's frozen.                           
Letter C is  chips and they are salty.                                       
Letter D is an egg and it's fried.                                      
Letter E is meat and it's raw.
Letter F is fish and it's frozen. 
Letter G is fish and it's fresh. 
Letter H is peas and they are tinned. 
Letter I is pepper and it's hot.

8 pg 62 Ex=4
It’s a yellow fruit and it's long. It’s a banana.
It’s a red vegetable and it's small. It’s a tomato.
It’s an orange vegetable and it's long. It’s a carrot.

9 pg 62 Ex=5

I like meat but I don’t like vegetables. 
I like apple but I don’t like pear.                        
I like raw tomatoes but I don’t like Mexican food.
I like milk but I don’t like yoghurt.

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