Tuesday, 12 May 2015

2º ESO. Solutions to the verbs revision. May



1.No fuisteis- You didn´t go.
2. ¿Jugásteis?- Did you play?
3. Soy- I am.
4. Hay- There is/there are.
5. No fui- I didn't go/I wasn't.

6. Estaba comiendo- I was eating.
7. No estoy fumando- I'm not smoking.
8. No jugó- He didn't play.
9. ¿Lo ves?- Do you see it?
10. Tengo- I have/I have got.
11. ¿Estabais bebiendo?- Were you drinking?
12. No comió- He didn't eat.
13. ¿Saltáis?- Do you jump?
14. Cantó- He sang.
15. No bailó- He didn't dance.
16. Tendría- I/he would have.
17. ¿Fuísteis?- Did you go?
18. ¿Lo tienes?- Do you have it?/ Have you got it?
19. Estoy bailando- I am dancing.
20. No estaba- He wasn't.
21.Estuve- I was
22.Estoy aquí- I am here
23.Tuvieron- They had
24.No había- There wasn't/there weren't
25.Estoy jugando- I'm playing
26.Vieron- They saw
27.No tienen-They haven't got/they don't have
28. Estaban estudiando-They were studying
29.Jugaron- They played
30.Estudia-He/she studies
31.Aprendemos-We learn
32.No vemos-We don't see
33.Robaron-They stole
34.Termina-He/she finishes
35.Terminó-He/she finished
36.No termina-He/she doesn't finish
37.No terminó-He/she didn't finish
38.Pone-He/she puts
39.Puso-He/she put
40.No puso-He/she didn't put
41.Estuvo poniendo-He/she was putting
42.Escuchan-They listen.
43.Tenía-She had
44.Había-There was/There were
45.Llevaba puesto-I/he/she was wearing.
46.Hablo-I speak.
47.Espero-I hope.
48.Estamos aquí-We are here
49.¿Tienes?-Do you have?/Have you got?
50.Había un árbol-There was a tree
51.¿Esperarías?-Would you wait/hope?
52.Era pequeña-I/she was little
53.Hay algunos colegios-There are some schools
54.¿Tiene?-Has it/he/she got?
55.Somos altos-We are tall
56.¿Éramos?-Were we?
57.Hay?-Is there/Are there?
58.¿Cantaría?-Would I/he/she sing? 
59.No hace-He/she doesn't do/make
60.No estaban escribiendo-They weren't writing

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