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3º ESO. Mosaic 3. Starter Unit. Exercises

Mosaic 3 Exercises
Starter Unit 
1 pg 1
Because the neighbours were very angry for the noise. They couldn’t sleep a wink and so the parents told them to find a quieter activity.

2 pg 1
1.       C                                                  4.  A
2.       F                                                  5.  D
3.       E                                                   6.  B

3 pg 1
1.       Nervous
2.       Angry
3.       Relaxed
4.       Lonely
5.       Excited
6.       Funny
7.       Tired
8.       Surprised

1 pg 2
1.       Completed
2.       Regular
3.       Irregular
4.       Didn´t
5.       Did

2 pg 2
What did you do last weekend?
I went to the cinema.
Which films did you and your friends watch the last time you went to the cinema?
We saw Mars.
Where did you and your family go on your last holiday?
We went to Chiclana.
How did you feel on your first day back at school?
I was very relaxed.
When did you learn to ride a bike?
When I was 7 years old.

3 pg 2
When did you last have lie- in?
Last weekend.
Because I was very tired.
Did you sleep well?
Yeah, I did.

1 pg 3
1.       Go
2.       Explore
3.       Buy
4.       Meet
5.       Lose
6.       Miss
7.       Have
8.       Get
9.       Send
10.   Hire
11.   Book

2 pg 3
Yo perdí mi móvil la última semana/la semana pasada.
Salimos de casa tarde y perdimos el autobús

3 pg 3
What are the baby and woman doing?
They are walking.
What is the man doing?
He is watching a shop window.

4 pg 3
Matt is in Greece and Konnie is going to go to Portugal/Konnie is going to Portugal (present continuous with future meaning).

5 pg 4
1.      False. Matt promises to send Konnie a postcard.
2.       True
3.       True
4.       F: He isn't having problems because everyone speaks really good English.
5.       F. Konnie and her family want to go abroad because they really like the coast.
6.       True

6 pg 4
1 Present simple: Why do you always go abroad?; We often come to Greece; I don't like long journeys.
Present continuous: What are you doing?; We're exploring the port; I'm not learning much.

-Present simple: We often come to Greece
-Present continuous: We're exploring the port
-Present simple: I don't like long journeys
-Present continuous: I'm not learning much

-Present simple: Why do you always go abroad?
-Present continuous: What are you doing?

2 The present simple sentences talk about habits.

3 The present continuous sentences talk about activities that are happening now.

4 Usually, Often, In the text: usually, sometimes. We ues them with the present simple tense.

7 pg 4
1.    Don't go
2.    Spend
3.    Take
4.    Explore
5.    'm trying
6.    'm reading
7.    'm not looking

4 pg 4
I usually spend my summer holidays in my village. I always go with my friends to the fair. I read a lot of books and see a lot of films. I love playing videogames so I often meet my friends and play with them.

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