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3º ESO. Unit 1. Communicative photocopy. Parts 1 and 2




1) Five personality adjectives and their opposite are: well-behaved and badly-behaved, direct and indirect,  fair and unfair, familiar and unfamiliar and honest and dishonest.

2) In photo a there are three girls, they are in Italy. In the photo I see that they are eating ice creams.
    In photo b there is one boy. He is in Munich, Germany. He is looking at the camera.

3) Alison is a girl from Denver(USA) but she is in Pisa(Italy) with her friends for one week.
    Sean is a boy from Tullamore (Ireland) but now he lives in Munich (Germany). He goes to school   here.

4) Pronounce the words

5) Read the text

6) –Alison is from Denver.
    She has been to Italy for one week but she feels at home in Italy.
    The Italians seem easy-going and they´re allowed to stay out really late. When she in her country she has to be home at 10 p.m.
    In Pisa everyone goes out and the streets are always busy but Denver is dead after 6 p.m.
    The school is very different because in Pisa they have to go to school on Saturday and in Denver they are in their home, here the teachers aren’t very strict but they study very hard. She had to memorize a lot for a History exam.
    She loves the Italian food but the meals are a bit different. Breakfasts aren’t very big and there aren’t pancakes she misses pancakes. Lunch is the main meal around 1p.m. and dinner is very late.
    -Sean is from Ireland but now he lives in Munich.
    He hasn´t felt homesick once in Munich.
    His host family is really nice and direct.
    His school starts at 7:30 a.m. and finishes at 1 p.m. This is much earlier than in Ireland.
    His teachers are very strict about footwear. They don´t wear shoes inside, they wear slippers.
    The school is very hard but in some things it is easy-going like when the maths´s teacher is ill and he doesn’t go to the school.
    In Germany he loves sausages. The meal time is equal to Ireland. Lunch is at 1 p.m. and is much bigger than Ireland
    Dinner is at 6 or 7 p.m. and it´s typical to eat cheese, bread and sausage.
    The Germans drink tea like the Irish, but without milk.

7) Optional

8) He has to go to the doctor
    I had to do the project
    You don´t have to play football if you are ill
    She didn´t have to go running because it´s cold
    They must do the homework
    We mustn´t rob a marker, this is bad

9) – You don’t have to be a teenager to skate.
     - You don´t have to pay for the drink with your burger.
     - You mustn’t bring pets to the restaurant.
     - You mustn’t eat or drink in the library.
     - You mustn’t talk in the library.
10) –Children have to go to school
       - I had to wear a school uniform when I was a child
       - You mustn´t use your phone in class
       - I don´t have to do my homework on Sundays
       - In primary school, we didn´t have to go to school on Saturdays
11) In my school we have to be punctual but we don’ t have to be five minutes earlier. Last year we didn’t have to be five minutes earlier either (=tampoco). We must take the materials to class. We mustn’t take the phone because they scold you. In the break we don’t have to eat a sandwich. Last year, we had to be in 1º and 2º’s playground.
12) There are four people, there are two boys and two girls, they are 15 years old more or leass. They are playing attention to the class. They are in the class. They are wearing the uniform.
13) Read the text
14) His host “parents” think that it´s acceptable to stay out until 10.30 p.m. at the weekend.
       Last weekend he had to run home, he forgot to look at his watch
       They can´t say the first name of their teachers, they must say “Mr,Mrs,Ms,Miss” and their surname.
       They must wear uniform but between 16 and 18 they don’t have to wear it.
       Lunch is between 12 p.m. and 2 p.m.
       In restaurants there are lots of international dishes. For example, curry is very popular but you don’t have to eat it. Last week he went to a restaurant and he ate chicken tikka massala.
15) -  In primary school, we had to eat all the food at school and now in secondary school we don´t eat at school
      - In secondary school we have to do your homework in one day while at school we had to do our homework in two days
      -  In primary school we had to wear the uniform while in secondary school we don´t have
      - In primary school we had to be five hours at school while in secondary school we have to be six hours
      - In the school and the secondary school you mustn´t say “Mr and Miss” and their surname
16) There is a one person, she is a girl. She is in a radio phone-in. She is speaking about careers
17) I am active, curious, creative, sociable and confident
18) Read the text
19) – You should take some exercise
       - She can speak several language
       - Can I smoke here?
       - I could read when I was four
       - We could cross the border without our passports
       - They will be able to play the piano next year
       - Children will be able to use the pool with adults supervision


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