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3º ESO. Unit 2. Communicative photocopy



1. Photo A is a comedy.

    Photo B is an action film.
    Photo C is a horror film.

    Photo D is a science fiction film.

2. I think comedies are enjoyable and predictable.
    I think horror films are terrifying and entertaining.
   I think science fiction films are dramatic and spectacular.

3.It is a poster of a new science fiction film about dinosaurs.



6.A group of superheroes saves the world from destruction. Angry dinosaurs escape from a theme park. The world’s biggest ship hits an iceberg and sinks.
Blockbusters have some ingredients:
·         You need at least $200 million to make an international blockbuster.
·         Your actors don’t need to be talented ,but they must to be famous.
·         Don”t spend too much money on actors though, or your won’t have enough money for all explosions, realistic monsters and other spectacular  special effects.
·         A good script will have an original idea, plenty of action, perhaps a little bit of romance and some interesting characters. But they can’t be perfect: you want your audience to believe in them.

8. Books are too expensive: los libros son demasiado caros.
   She doesn”t work too much: ella no trabaja demasiado
   He wastes too much time: malgasta demasiado tiempo.
     There aren’t enough bins in the city: no hay sufiecientes papeleras en la ciudad.
     There weren’t too many cars thirty years ago: no había demasiados coches hace treinta años.

  I don’t like the film “SAW”, because it is too bloody and it isn’t realistic enough.

10.Five words related to novel are bestsellers, main characters, novelist, plot and setting.

11.Nancy Yi Fan is a Chinese American novelist director who is best known for her fantasy novel Snowbird.

Thousands of readers bought the book and it became a bestseller. Critics loved it too and the book ha positive reviews.  Unbelievably Nancy was ten when she started it.
The plot is about a war between two groups of birds in a forest. The only creature who can bring peace to forest is the legendary Snowbird. But will he return in time?
Nancy contacted actor and film director Jackie Chan who loved the idea of her book and wrote " Nancy is proof that if you work hard and dream big, anything can happen"
13.I traveled around your country last summer.
I didn’t stay in Madrid.
Did you stay in Madrid? Yes, I did/No, I didn’t.
Yo viajé por tu país el verano pasado.
14.  He was listening to music.
He was not listening to music.
Was he listening to music? Yes, he was/No, he wasn’t.
Ellos estaban escuchando música.
15. He arrived while I was reading.
Él llegó mientras estaba leyendo.
16.When I arrived, he was watching Sponge Bob.
Cuando llegué él estaba viendo Bob Espoja.
The hobbit is a fantasy novel by J.R.R Tolkien. The plot is about an exciting journey and the setting was a world of mountains and forests.
Bilbo Boggins left home with his friends to find a treasure. They were crossing the mountains when some horrible creatures caught them and took them deep under the ground. Bilbo’s friends escaped and Bilbo found a magic ring. That was when Bilbo's adventures really began.
The ending was very dramatic. You'll have to read it and find out what happens.
The saw is about a group of 5 people that have to surpass tests and in each test one dies. They do not think well and the test must be surpassed among(=entre) 5. The film ends with 2 of them alive. I like that the end shows that we have to overcome the difficult things together.

20.They are a plane and a plane ticket because he/she goes to Majorca for holidays on a plane.
21.Last summer, I went to Majorca with my family. The last day we went to buy souvenirs when my sister suddenly saw the watch. We were late! It was 4.10 and our flight was at 6.00pm. She was very stressed because she had an exam.
We ran to the hotel, collected our suitcases and took a taxi. We didn’t have enough euros for the taxi but my mum found some euros in her suitcase.
We ran to the check-in desk and there was a problem: our flight was late and it wasn’t leaving until 11.00pm. We got home very late but my sister passed the exam.
22. Last summer, I was at the swimming pool with some friends. It was a hot sunny day and we met there to celebrate my birthday.
We were chatting and having a good time when a man started to look at us. We were a bit frightened and, after one hour, we decided to go home. We left the swimming pool while the man wasn’t looking, but after five minutes, we saw him behind us.
We were really scared and we ran as fast as we could. But the man was really fast and he caught up with us. He only wanted to give us the photo that one of my friends had lost in the toilet! We felt very happy and a bit ashamed because we thought that he was a criminal, when he was a really nice person… and my dad’s friend!

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