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3º ESO. Unit 3. Communicative photocopy



1. There are many people that are waiting in the street.

2. DONE.Read

3. DONE. Pronounce the words.

4. Sally Lloyd reports on the Christmas sales.
The prices are low and the temperatures are even lower. Thousands of people have queued through the night for the first day of the Christmas sales.
Department stores are offering amazing discounts on everything from gloves to gold watches. Some of the shoppers waiting in the queues on Oxford Street speak about the bargains they want to find.

Jack is eighteen and he has been here since 6 o’clock this morning. He’s got his eye on some designer clothes. They normally cost a fortune but they are less than half the price in the sale.

ALICE 18 ,SAM 19
  Alice is eighteen and Sam is nineteen.
Alice says that they’ve queued for nine hours-since 11.00 last night! They’re both at sports college, so they’re after some new sports gear, like shorts. For her, it’s been a long wait, but it will be worth it because they will get things at a fraction of their cost.
Sam wants to have some breakfast because he hasn’t eaten since eight o’clock last night!

Danny is fifteen and he has saved up all his pocket money for six months and Dad’s lent him £20. He’s going to spend it on DVDs and computer games. His mum says that he always wastes his money.


Ainara is fourteen. She is from Spain and she’s been in London with her family for a week. They’re hoping to find some cheap souvenirs to take to take back with them. She wants to buy a Union Jack umbrella as a reminder of their holiday.

So it’s looking good for the shoppers and the shop owners. A recent survey showed that a million more people will visit this year’s sales compared with last year. A fifth of the people expect to spend more than they did last year, with the average customer spending over £100.


6. - You have studied English in the United States.
- You haven’t studied English in the United States.
- Have you studied English in the United States?
Yes,I have // No, I haven’t
- Tú has estudiado inglés en los Estados Unidos.

7. - You have written a novel.
- You haven’t written a novel.
- Have you written a novel?
Yes,I have // No,I haven’t
- Tú has escrito una novela.

8. - I have studied in the secondary school for three years.
- He estudiado en el instituto durante tres años/llevo estudiando en el instituto tres años/estudio en el instituto desde hace tres años.
- I have studied in the secondary school since 2014.
- He estudiado/estudio en el instituto desde 2014.

9. – Four shopping words related to people are: customer, shopper, shop assistant and shop owner.
Four shopping words related to places are: bakery,bookshop,newsagent’s and department store.
Four shopping words related to things you can buy are: souvenirs, gloves, hat and electrical equipment.
Four shopping words related to sales (rebajas) are: half-price, fraction, bargain and discount.

10. Recently I’ve bought a couple of things which were great value for money, but I think my trainers were my best bargain. I bought them in a closing-down sale. I’ve had them for about six months and I love them because they still look brand new. I’ve worn them every day since July, when I got them. Unfortunately, my feet have grown a bit since the summer, but I think the sales have started, so maybe I will be able to afford some new ones.

11. A: There is one boy. He is in the country. He is rock climbing.
C: There is one girl. She is in the country. She is trail biking.
 D: There is one boy. He is at the sea. He is wakeboarding.
E: There are three girls. They are in the river. They are kayaking.

12.  In photo A I can see climbing.
In photo B I can see athletics.
In photo C I can see trail climbing.
In photo D I can see wakeboarding.
In photo E I can see kayaking.
In photo F I can see archery.

13. READ.

14. It is a holiday club where you can do different activities, sports like archery, arts and crafts like drama or other outdoor activities like rock climbing.

15. Have you been to the drama class yet?
I’ve already tried out two new sports
She still hasn’t done street art

16.  1. I’ve already tried out judo, but I still haven’t done street art.
2. I’ve already done street art, but I haven’t done judo yet.

17. READ.

17. READ.




21. READ.

22. In recent years, there’s been an increase in the number of young people spending part of their holiday at a camp.
The writer hasn’t been to a holiday camp yet, but a lot of people say that you can make new friends there. You can also join in a lot of different activities and pick up new skills, so you never get bored.
However, there are some disadvantages. Some of the camps are very expensive and it can be difficult to afford them. Another disadvantage is that the camps are often far away and some young people might miss their families.
To conclude, the writer thinks a holiday camp is an interesting place to spend your holiday if it doesn’t cost too much and is quite close to home. There are a lot of possibilities to meet new people and try out activities that you don’t often have the chance to do.

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