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3º ESO. Unit 5. Communicative photocopy. Part 2


13)Eight crimes are blackmail, burglary, kidnapping, mugging, pickpocketing, shoplifting, smuggling and arson.

14)Read the texts

15)-He was a young man who wanted to go to the best placesà Era un joven que quería ir a los mejores lugares.
      -He created new identities which were very realisticàEl creó nuevas identidades que eran muy realistas.
     -The man whose house is opposite yours is my uncleàEl hombre cuya casa está frente a la tuya es mi tío.
     -He moved  to New York City, where his career beganàSe trasladó a New York, donde comenzó su carrera.

16)Read the description

17)Describe the photo of Camera 1:
In the foreground of the photo there is a blond woman with a black handbag. She is wearing a red jumper and on the left of the photo there is a pickpocket stealing her wallet. He´s wearing a black coat. They are in a shopping centre at noon.
In the background of the photo there is one group of people climbing stairs, I think they are a family

18) Describe the photo of Camera 2:
In the background of the photo there is a man. He´s in a store room. He´s got black hair and he’s wearing a black jacket and grey trousers. He´s looking at his painting, I think he is painter
Above he has a large and long light that illuminates him
On the wall there are seven equal painting with a snowy landscape where the sun is in the sky.

19)Read the text

20)Describe  the picture:
In the foreground, on the right, there is a woman screaming because a thief stole her cell phone. The things in the bag have fallen to the ground. She has a child and he is holding the dog.
In the foreground, in the middle, there is a man(the thief) with the woman’ s cell phone. He´s wearing a black coat, blue trousers and brown shoes.
In the background there are some shops and many people looking at the thief and, on the right, there is a screaming salesman. On the left side, there is a policeman running to the thief. He wants to arrest him.
In the top right-hand corner/At the top of the picture, there is a security camera. It might have taken a photo of the thief.

21) Lo acabo de hacer arriba, mirad  allí ;-)

22)In the photo I see a woman. She is wearing a grey sweater and black trousers and she has a big bag to steal things from the store. In the background of the photo, there is another woman and she is buying with a shopping cart and not with a big and suspicious bag. I think the woman could be a crazy thief because you just have to see how she looks at the camera and she likes chocolate because that's what she's stealing :P

23) In the photo I see a black car and inside there is a man with a suspicious brown suit and with a brown hat. He has a camera and he is taking a photo of something. I think he might be a spy or a private investigator because he looks very suspicious.

24)-I think he must be a thief because has suspicious looks-- yo pienso que él debe ser un ladrón  porque tiene unas pintas sospechosas.
     - She could be an undercover spy on deck because she always wears black-- ella podría ser una espía encubierta porque siempre va de negro.
     - He might be the murderer because his fingerprints are on the knife-- Podría ser el asesino porque sus huellas dactilares están en el cuchillo.

The end Or just the beginning

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