Friday, 14 April 2017

3º ESO. Unit 5. Exercises. Part 2

Correction of exercises unit 5
Pag 63:
Ex. 4:
Frank Abagnale:5 years
David Hampton:21months

Ex. 5:
1 American 2 make money 3: doctor 4: lawyer 5: started helping the police 6: enjoy a celebrity lifestyle 7: the son of the award-winning actor Sidney Poitier 8: went back to a life of crime
Ex. 6:
1 who 2:which 3:whose 4 where
Ex. 7:
1 who/that 2 where 3which/that 4whose
Ex. 8:
1 where 2which/that 3who/that 4whose 5who/that 6where
Ex. 9:
1 who/that 2which 3where 4who/that 5where 6which 7whose
Pages 66 and 67
Ex. 1
When she opens her bag/ in a storeroom or a garage
Ex. 2
1 in 2 on 3behind 4in 5in 6at
Ex. 3
1 A thief has stolen a woman’s mobile phone
2 She is shouting
3 A man that is also shouting
4 Many people watching the scene
5 A police officer and a bike without the front wheel
6 A boy that has a dog
Ex. 6
1 must 2 can’t 3 may, might and could
Ex. 9:
In this photo, I see a man that stays in a car. He might be a detective because he has a camera in his hands. The man is wearing a grey hat and also has a brown jacket. In the background, there are many skyscrapers and the views are very beautiful. I don’t like the photo because it is very dark.

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