Sunday, 20 March 2011

1ºA-Excursión a Cáceres y Centro de Recuperación de animales

Dejo algunas fotos de la excursión. A ver si alguien quiere hacer un pequeño resumen de las actividades para colgarlo en el blog...

Saturday, 12 March 2011

2º ESO. Unit 4. Communicative revision. Part 2.


I played on the computer yesterday.
I didn't play on the computer yesterday.
Did I play on the computer yesterday?
Yes, I did/No, I didn't.
Ayer jugué al ordenador.

I saw you while I was running.
I didn't see you while I was running.
Did I see you while I was running?
Yes, I did/No, I didn't.
Te ví mientras estaba corriendo.

In spring flowers grows up.
My birthday party is on Monday.
I start school at 8'00.

It's on 24th May.
I was born in 1997.
I start it at half past eight.
It's on 25th December.
We have breakfast in the morning.

I was born fourteen years ago.

In photo A he is making the special effects with coconuts.
In photo B he is making the special effects with a kitchen glove.
In photo C she is making the special effects with baby cereals.
In photo D she is making the special effects with a sheet of metal.

Special effects are very expensive in some films. For example: in "The Matrix" they cost a lots of millions of dollars, but it's possible to make special effects cheaply.
In the past there were a lots of differents things to make special effects, for example: baby cereals were used like volcanic lava; coconuts sounded like a horse trotting; a sheet of metal was used like a storm and kitchen gloves were perfect for monsters' hands.

Jack and Danny went to the cinema. Jack liked it a lot because he was laughing all the time but Danny didn't like the film 'cause it was boring.
Danny ate all the popcorn.
Jack thought the acting was fantastic but Danny said it was awful.
Danny couldn't see the screen because he was in the back row and there was a tall man in front of him.
Next time Danny will go to see an action film with his friends.

His favourite film is Lord of the Rings because he likes the books, the characters are as he imagined them and the special effects are amazing.
He says the acting is fantastic. His favorite (favourite) actors are Orlando Bloom and Liv Taylor. But there are lots of other actors in the film.
The film is about the search for a magic ring and it is full of adventure and action. He has the DVD and he often watches it at home.

My favourite film is Titanic.
I like it because it's very sad. The main characters are Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet.
The story is about a ship which sailed the Atlantic Ocean. At the end, the ship crashed into a iceberg and a lot of people died.

Friday, 11 March 2011

2º ESO. Unit 4. Communicative revision. Part 1


1-I can see a comedy film, a historical film, a science fiction film, an animated film, a thriller and a musical film.
2-"Tom and Jerry" is an animated film.
- "Espartaco" a historical film
-High School Musical" is a musical film
-"The Walking Dead" is a thriller
-"Dos Hombres Y Medio" is a comedy
-"Yo Robot" is an action film
-"Star Wars" is a science fiction film
3-I like action films, comedies and historical films.
4-Six people that work in films are: characters, stars, producers, directors, extras and actors.
5- -thirty-three-thousand-think
-blood-dead -audience
6-The different places in the cinema are:
screen, back row, front row, popcorn, middle row, ticket office and seats.
9-The writer Bram Stocker invented Count Dracula in a book of 1897.The vampire couldn´t stand light, hated garlic and crucifixes and loved human blood.The first Dracula film was in 1931, the director was Tod Browning and the actor was Bela Lugosi.Today Dracula is in 50 different languages and there are more than 700 horror films based on the legend.In "Interview with a vampire", Tom Cruise, Brad Pitt, and Antonio Banderas were all vampires.
A coach got to the hotel. Mr. Reinfield, the passenger, had a meeting with count Dracula. An old lady gave him a crucifix for protection. Reinfield arrived at Dracula´s castle.In a dark room,  a coffin opened and Dracula got up, his face was white and his clothes black, he smelled the fresh blood and smiled.
10-Affirmative: I was in my house when the accident happened .
(-): I wasn´t in my house when the accident happened.
(¿): Was I in my house when the accident happened?
-Short answers: Yes, I was/No, I wasn´t
- Spanish: Yo estaba en mi casa cuando pasó el accidente.
11-Affirmative: I played basketball with my friends.
(-): I didn´t play basketball with my friends
(¿): Did I play basketball with my friends?
-Short answers: Yes, I did/No, I didn´t
-Spanish: Yo jugué al baloncesto con mis amigas.