Tuesday, 15 October 2013


The book tells the story of an old man full of memories, and full of thoughts about what could have been -Paul Morris- and about the way that one tiny chance happening can change someone´s life, in this case, the roof-tile.
I like the book because reading it I realize how lots of things in life are a matter of chance.

Monday, 14 October 2013

Opinion of the book. Love Actually.

I just read the book ''Love Actually'',  It is a romantic comedy. I like the book is very entertaining. It is a story what happens in London. Christmas is coming and the people in this story have love on their minds, so many of these people found love or lost it but I don't tell more because just read the book. It's so good. :D

Opinion about The Storm

For me, the book is an experience and it is an advice, because the book says that you must accept that there are people who want to help you and they love you. The book says that you must help these people too.

By: Lucía Silvero Plaza 3ºA

I  like the book because is easy to read. It's also enjoyable and short. But the end of the book is not defined very well. 
In conclusion is a good book.


I really like this book. I think it's not easy to read, and it's more difficult to summarize, but it is very interesting.
If you like mystery and "terror", you can read the stories "The House of Usher", "The Black Cat" or "The Masque of Read Dead".

Tuesday, 8 October 2013

1º ESO. Project 1. Project on child soldiers



1.- Go to the blog, watch the video “Child Soldiers. A Global Issue” and answer the questions:

a) How many child soldiers are there all over the world?

b) What are girls used for?

c) How old are the youngest child soldiers?

d) How many countries recruit child soldiers into their armed forces?

e) What percentage of all fighters are child soldiers?

f) Complete the sentence: “In the last decade, about 2 million minors ..........., 600,000 …......

g) How is the situation in Africa?

h) How long do child soldiers train before combat?

i) Look at the map. How many countries have child soldiers? Identify at least 20 of them.

2.- Make a poster (one image + one sentence) for your class against this world problem.
Opinion of the book “How to be an Alien”

It’s a bit hard to do the summary of the book because it doesn’t tell a story,just a kind of rules of the English people do or make.The book is funny, it has very fun moments and things that they think of European people,I liked the book and I hoped you too.

Rubén Blanco Martín.

Opinion of "The Whistle"

This book is a horror story about ghosts. It is an interesting book and it is easy to ready. 

By: Albuera Antunez Bejarano 3º A

Monday, 7 October 2013

Opinion about The Princess Diaries

This book is easy to read. A girl knows her true identity. She is a princess. She tells us her story through her diary. I recommend it because it is very enjoyable. 


Opinion about Pride and Prejudice

The title could not be more succesful. All the story is about pride and judgement without knowing, a mother that only wants to marry her daughters, differences between social statuses, etc. But most of all about love.
The book is boring but also, it is sometimes funny. I recommend it for people who like reading and love stories.

Comment on Five Children and It

It's a very easy book, it hasn't got too much vocabulary. The book is about five children,their mum and the nursemaid. They went to a new house in the countryside, the children found a Psammead, a fairy, that could give wishes to children. So, I'm not going to tell you more, just read it :)

By: Paula Muñoz Caballero 4. A