Monday, 27 April 2015

3rd ESO's trip to England(April 8th-14th)
(Days 8th-11th, April)
Day 1: Juniper Hall

We arrived at Gatwich Airport and we went to Juniper Hall, between Dorking and Mickleham. There, we did some orientation activities and we put small mammal traps around. After dinner, we saw the sunset.
Day 2: Juniper Hall
We went to the River Mole to catch insects with nets. Then, we examined them with microscopes and drew a picture of them. We put the traps again.
Day 3: Juniper Hall
We went on a hike to Box Hill and drew some pictures. Then, we placed the traps for the last time.
(Days 11th-14th, April)
Day 4: Juniper Hall-London
We went to Box Hill woods and built a "waterproof" shelter. Then, we left Juniper Hall and went to the YHA St. Pancras, in the junction of Euston Rd. and King Cross St. Pancras, in London. We went for a walk to Oxford Street and Picadilly Circus and we visited the British Museum.
Day 5: London
 We visited the Natural History Museum and the Science Museum. We went to Camden Market and we went shopping there. In the afternoon we went to Regent's Park.
Day 6: London
In the morning we went to the Tower of London and crossed the London Brigge. Then, we got on the London Eye and visited the Houses of Parliament and Big Ben. After lunch, we went to Trafalgar Square and Buckingham Palace and then we visited China Town and Soho.
Day 7: London
We went to Oxford Street again and we went to Hyde Park .In the afternoon we took the plane back to Spain.

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