Monday, 6 May 2013

4ºESO School Year Book

In 4ºESO we are making a "School Year Book".

It will have a couple of sections. One of them is a "personal" section each pupil should make on his own.

It consists on placing some photographs him and of his best-friends, and writing something about himself  (activities, hobbies, ...) and some "memory" lines about his stay in the bilingual section.

Then, I will combine all the copies to make a class year book for all the students.

Link to the template (enlace a la plantilla, para descargarla y rellenarla).

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  1. Cuidado, porque con "libreOffice Writer", la plantilla NO queda bien.
    Con Word SÍ debería funcionar.

    Si a alguien le da problemas, que me avise, y ya vemos cómo hacer para que rellene su página.