Thursday, 5 November 2015

3º ESO. Mosaic 3. Starter Unit. Communicative revision. Part 2

Communicative Photocopy. Part 2

(+)I play football.
(-)I don`t play football.
(¿)Do you play football?
Short answers: Yes, I do/ No, I don’t.
Translate: Yo juego al fútbol.

(+)I’m eating biscuits.
(-)I’m  not eating biscuits.
(?)Are you eating biscuits?
Short answer: Yes, I am/No, I’m not
Translate: Estoy comiendo galletas

15. pg 6
There are a man and a woman and a man exploring a new place and a lot of people walking. The man is having a drink and the woman is taking a photo.

16. pg 6
He is Matt, He is about 15 years old, He has got dark hair and brown eyes. He is wearing a red cap and a yellow T-shirt. He is nice and friendly.

17. pg 6


19. pg 6
Matt and his family always go abroad, to Greece, and now they are exploring the port on the island of Icaria. Also they are buying souvenirs and postcards. He's going to send one to Konnie.
He always goes abroad for/because of (por, a causa de) the British weather, and in Greece there are the sun, the seaside and historical sites that his parents like. there is also a beach but he usually gets sunburned.
He isn't learning Greek, because everyone speaks English.

20. pg 6

She and her mother are planning their holiday online. They are going to book a hotel in Portugal, because they like the coast. But there is one problem, his dad wants to drive and she doesn’t like long journeys because she sometimes gets travel sick.

21. pg 7
I always go to the beach with my family and usually go by car. When I go to the beach, I often swim in the sea, but I sometimes walk along the seafront.

22. pg 7
She is going to the beach with her daughter and her grandson. They are going to explore a city in the car.

23. pg  7
It is a beach , I can see a lot of people and hotels. There is a lot of water and a hill with a castle. The sea has got some waves. People are relaxing on the beach: some people are lying on the beach and some people are having a swim.

24. pg 8
He is uglier than Carlos.
Meghan is more intelligent than John.

25. pg 8
He is the tallest man in the team.
This book is the most expensive in the library.

26. pg 8
The same: Martín is as tall as Lucía.

Different: Martin is taller than Freddy/ Martín is not as tall a s Lucía

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