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3º ESO. Mosaic 3. Starter Unit. Communicative photocopy. Part 1

Comunicative Photocopy 3ºA
Part 1
1 pg 4
There are 3 girls, they are singing and they are in a bedroom

2 pg 4
Amy and Sophie are friends. They were in the same band before Sophie moved to Bristol. Sophie is the girl who is writing an e-mail and Amy is her friend, she is getting the e-mail.  

3 pg 4

4 pg 4

5 pg 4
Sophie moved to Bristol. She felt lonely without her old group during the summer, but now she feels better with her new band.
She had a sleepover with three girls and she was very excited. They chatted and talked about the guitarist. They ate pizza and did a karaoke. They were very surprised because Jade was dancing and singing. 
But there was a problem: they live a flat so the neighbours were angry because the girls were very noisy and they couldn't sleep. So Sophie's parents told the girls to do  a quieter activity. So they laughed and watched a film.

6  pg 4 (optional)
Sophie felt lonely without her old band, but now she's got a new band and she feels better.
Sophie has got a sleepover with her new friends. They were singing but they were very noisy for the neighbours. So they  watched a film.

7 pg 4
I’m angry with my wife.
I was excited about the film (The film was exciting).
They are very funny.
I feel lonely without my friends.
He is a nervous boy.
He was very relaxed (Sunbathing is very relaxing).
She is very surprised.
I’m very tired for this.

8 pg4
What did you do? - ¿Qué hicisteis? ("What" and irregular verb)
Where were you? - ¿Dónde estabas? ("Where" and "to be")
How did you arrive? - ¿Cómo llegaste? ("How" and regular verb)
I was in my house – Yo estaba en mi casa.
I played football – Yo jugué/jugaba al fútbol.
I read a book – Yo leí/leía un libro.

9 pg 5
A.      The boy on the left is Álvaro. He is about sixteen years old and he has got  brown eyes and blond hair. He is wearing a grey t-shirt and a checkered (=de cuadros) shirt. He is very lazy
B.      The other two boys are José and Manuel. They are more or less fourteen years old and they have got brown eyes and dark hair. José is wearing a hooded sweatshirt (=sudadera con capucha) and Manuel is wearing a blue checkered shirt, a green pullover and a neck gaiter (= braga). They are friendly.

10 pg 6

I book a hotel.
I buy an ice-cream.
He explores his new house.
They get homework.
She goes to school.
They always hire a bike on holidays.
They lose the league.
He meets her.
I miss my book.
Her grandmother sends her some cookies every Christmas.

11 pg 6
My last holiday was very special. I hired an airplane and I went to Hollywood. I had an accident because I didn’t know how to drive an airplane/I couldn't drive an airplane but some nice people helped me. When I arrived at Hollywood, I booked a hotel and then I went to the cinema and I saw Jennifer Lawrence so I spoke to/with her and we had a romantic story.

12 pg 6
I lost my key .

I missed the football match because I was late.

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