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1º ESO. Unit 1. Communicative photocopy. Part 1

She is my sister’s friend: es la amiga de mi hermana.
She is my sisters’ friend: es la amiga de mis hermanas.


I have got a new pencil.
I haven´t got a new pencil.
Have you got a new pencil?
Yes, I have/No, I haven’t.

1       3)    There are six people .There is a mum a dad a grandmother a grandfather a                      daughter and a son. They are smiling. They are from Canada. Their house is big.

Ø It is the year 2000:
           1. Herman is thirty one years old, Candelaria is twenty nine years old and they are from Argentina
2. Their dream is to travel around the world in an old car. Its name is Macondo Cambalache. It is their home.
3. They want to start a new life on the road.

Ø It’s now some years later:
1. Now they are parents and they have four children, three sons and one daughter
2. These are the children:
           1. Pampa is nine years old he is from USA.
           2. Tehue is six years old he is from Argentina.
           3. Paloma is four years old she is from Canada
           4. Wallaby is two years old he is from Australia.
3. They have the same car: Their car is not just their car, it´s their home, their school and part of their family.
Ø They have got a website. On their website you can read about them online.
   5) There are six people: a dad a mum three sons and one daughter. They are smiling, they are travelling around the world and they have an old car. They have four children: Pampa, from USA, Tehue, from Argentina, Paloma, from Canada and Wallaby, from Australia.
o   She is a good singer: (ella) es una buena cantante
o   She is not very tall
o   Is she the actress?
o   Yes, she is/ No,she isn’t
o   My name is Callum
o   I´m thirteen years old
o   There are six people in my family
o   My mum is Angela, she is Spanish
o   My dad is Michael, he is not Spanish, he is English
o   I have two sisters: Anna and Beth. Ana is ten years old and Beth is eight years old
o   I have a brother, David, he is sixteen years old.

He is Callum. He is thirteen years old. There are six people in his family. His mum is Angela and she is Spanish. His dad is not Spanish, he is English. He has got two sisters: Anna and Beth. Anna is ten years old and Beth is eight years old. He has got one brother, David. He is sixteen years old.

In my family, we are five people: my mum is María, she is Spanish. My dad is José Antonio and he is Spanish too. I have two brothers: José Avelino and David. David is nineteen years old and José Avelino is twenty five years old.



Ø The House in the Rocks is in Portugal, it has (got) small windows. It hasn’t got any beds. It has (got) a swimming pool.
Ø The Boeing 727 Holiday Home is in Costa Rica. It hasn’t got a lift. It has (got) two bedrooms and two bathrooms.
Ø The Dune House is in Florida,USA. It has (got)  a living room, a bedroom and a bathroom. There are views of the sea.
1. The House in the Rocks: I like this home, it is beautiful and big.
2. The Boeing 727 Holiday Home: I like this home, it is amazing and very big.
3. The Dune House: I like this home, it is amazing, because it is made of rocks.
·        There is a phone on the table: hay un teléfono en la mesa.
·        There isn’t a phone on the table.
·        Is there a phone on the table?
·        Yes, there is/No, there isn’t.

o   There are three pencils in the bag: hay tres lápices en la bolsa.
o   There aren’t three pencils in the bag.
o   Are there three pencils in the bag?
o   Yes, there are/No, there aren’t.

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