Sunday, 5 February 2012

Trip to Almoharín

On January 12th, 2nd year went to the Almoharín Cheese Factory with Javier and Pilar.

The entrance of the factory smelled very bad and the guide took us to a dark room with three huge screens, where we watched a video about the history of cheese. Then we followed a route with more screens, while a shepherd told us as the way they made the cheese. When finished, the guide gave us a packet with a gown, a cap, foot covers and a mask. We had to wear it, because otherwise our clothes would smell like cheese.

She showed us the factory and when we finished, we went to see the sheep. Then we made a cheese, we wash our hands and got a piece of bread with cheese. I liked it, but I prefer others. Some people bought cheese at the shop.

When we finished, we visited the village. My friends and I looked for a candy shop. An old man fooled us, but we finally found the shop. Then, we went back to the bus.

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