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1º ESO. Unit 2. Communicative photocopy. Part 1


Communicative Photocopy
Unit 2 Part 1

1-There is one person. She is smiling. She has blue eyes and curly red hair. She is wearing a white T-shirt with the word “volunteer”.

2-There is one animal. It is eating. It is in an elephant centre.

3-She is a volunteer who works in an elephant centre, but she doesn't get paid.



6-Elephant centres help elephants in danger. Caitlin is a volunteer who works in a centre at Kenya. Every day she gets up early and starts work at 7  a.m. She makes breakfast for the elephants and feeds them. An adult African elephant weighs about 4000 kg. They eat 130 kg of fruit and grass every day. They make noise when they see fruit. She cleans the sleeping area. Then she gets changed and washes the elephants in the lake. In the afternoon, visitors come to the centre and see the elephants. They brush the elephants and walk with them. At 6:30 p.m Caitlin has a shower and goes home.
It is hard work nad she doesn’t get paid, but she doesn’t want to do a different job because she loves it.

7-They eat a lot: Ellos comen mucho
They don’t eat a lot
Do they eat a lot?
Yes, they do/No,they don’t

8-The visitor sees the elephants
The visitor doesn’t see the elephants
Does the visitor see the elephants?
Yes, he does/No, he doesn’t

9-He is a volunteer:El es un voluntario
They help him:Ellos le ayudan
We have a pet:Nosotros tenemos una mascota
They see us at the park:Ellos nos ven en el parque
They play football:Ellos juegan al fútbol
I play with them:Yo juego con ellos

10-I get up at seven o'clock
I get dressed every day
I brush my hair every day
I play videogames every day
I go to bed at eleven o'clock

11-Five free time activities are: going shopping, going to the beach, hanging out with friends, listening to music and playing computer games


13-I want to play videogames because it sounds fun
I don't want to sing in a choir because it sounds boring

14-There is one person. She is Amy. She is doing orienteering. She is in the country.

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