Friday, 20 January 2017

1º ESO. Unit 2. Exercises



Ej 1 pag 22

Brush my hair, clean my room, eat fruit, feed an animal, get changed, get up early, go home, have a bath, have a shower, make breakfast, make the bed and wash my hands.

Ej 2 pag 22
She gets up early, she feeds the animal, she makes their bed, she cleans the elephants, she brushes the elephants and she makes breakfast.

Ej 3 pag 22
1_... she starts work at 7am.
2_... they are very big.
3_ … they love water.
4_ … they want to visit the elephants.
5_ She love it

Ej 4 pag 23
1_ Lake
2_ In danger
3_ Volunteer
4_ Get paid
5_ Noise

Ej 5 pag 23
1_ eats

Ej 6 pag 23
1_ Feeds
2_ Eat
3_ Don’t make
4_ Helps
5_ Washes
6_ Don’t like
7_ Work
8_ Doesn’t visit

Ej 7 pag 23
The elephants love her
The rescue centre feeds them
Monkeys eat it every day
The visitors don’t make breakfast for them
Miss Willis helps us with our homework
Jack washes them before lunch
You don’t like her
We work with him. He is a volunteer
My cousin doesn’t visit us very often

Ej 8 pag 23
1 Feed
2 Go for a walk
3 Teaches
4 Doesn’t get
5 Him
6 Gets up
7 Finishes
8 Don’t go
9 Them    
10 It

Ej 9 pag 23
I study every day
I get up at seven o´clock
I go to the park every day

Ej 1 pag 24
I go shopping, listen to music, play computer games and watch TV

Ej 2 pag 24
Amy goes orienteering, Joe does free running and Hannah sings in a choir

Ej 3 pag 24
1 True
2 False. With her friends
3 True
4 False. In the park

Ej 4 pag 24
1 He does it over buildings, wall and cars
2 The interviewer thinks that it is dangerous
3 Because it is exciting
4 He thinks that it is boring

Ej 5 pag 24
I want to chat online. It sounds fun
I don’t want to do free running. It sounds dangerous
I don’t want to go shopping. It sounds boring
I want to go orienteering. It sounds fun
I want to go to the beach. It sounds good
I want to go to the cinema. It sounds interesting
I want to hang around with friends. It sounds exciting
I want to listen to music. It sounds fun
I don’t want to play an instrument. It sounds boring
I want to play computer games. It sounds fun
I don’t want to sing in a choir. It sounds boring
I want to watch TV. It sounds interesting

Ej 6 pag 25



I/ you/ we/ they

do free running?


he/ she/ it

listen to music?

Short answers


I/ you/ we/ they





He/ she/ it




Ej 8 pag 25
2. Where do you meet?
3. Who do you go with?
4. What do you do in the rock choir?
5. Why do you love them?
6. How often do you do them?

Ej 9 pag 25
What do you do in your free time?
I listen to music
I also play an instrument
Do you play the guitar?
My sister sings in a choir
Where does she sing?
I usually hang out with friends
We play computer games and listen to music
How often do you see them?
We go to the school together and chat online

Ej 11 pag 25
When do you do it?
At the weekend
Where do you do it?
In the paddle court
Who do you do it with?
With my friends
Do you play tennis?
No, I don’t. I play paddle, you are wrong

Ej 1 pag 30
The person in picture 2

Ej 2 pag 30
B, A, C

Ej 3 pag 30
When we are describing us we must say:
1 Simon
2 Brighton, England
3 July, Saturday
4 England, Spanish, American
5 Hello, My, I’m, I, I, After, Then, The, I, I
6 I’m from Brighton…
Ej 4 pag 30
1. Julieta, Seville,I’m, Spanish
2. the M is a capital letter and the J too. My birthday, on 24th January

Ej 5 pag 30
My name is Fernando. I live in Mirandilla and I am 12 years old. I would like an e-friend because I would like to improve my English.
When I have high school I get up at 7 o´clock and I take the bus. I have lunch at 3 o´clock and I study and I do my homework. At 8 o´clock, I have a shower. At half past nine, I have dinner while I am watching TV. Until 11 o´clock, I am relaxing on the sofa watching TV or with my phone. Then, I go to bed.
I love my family and friends. In my free time, I like listening to music or playing paddle with friends. Some days, I play the drum.

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