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1º ESO. Unit 3. Communicative photocopy. Part 1

  1º ESO. Unit 3. Communicative photocopy. Part 1
1-They are eight people. They are about seventeen years old. They are in the Bellahouston Academy. They are going to class. They are wearing a white T-shirt and trousers or a black skirt.

2-They are students of a school ant the text is about a school of sports. So they are students of the school of the text.
They are students of the Glasgow School of Sports, a special school where some students study and do lots of sport.



5-Bellahouston Academy is special because it is the only school for sports. 132 of the 900 students are specialist sports students. The students dream of being sports stars.

Jenny Gray has been in athletics for two years/Jenny is in her second year of athletics. She loves her school, her favourite thing is winning competitions. This is her typical day: the bell goes at 9.00 a.m. On Tuesday mornings, she is always in the changing rooms, because she does two hours of athletics. She usually does a long- distance run on the playing fields. She sometimes does fitness training in the sports hall. At 11.00 a.m they have break. She goes with her friends to the playground. Then they have lessons with other students for the rest of the day. She likes doing science in the science labs, but she likes sport more.

Alex McFall has been in swimming for three years/Alex is in his third year of swimming. He likes school, because it is cool. The coaches are fantastic. Sports students do nine hours of sport per week. His main sport is swimming. He often misses lessons like ICT and science, but he doesn´t mind because he loves swimming. They have registration every day from 8.50 a.m. to 9.00 a.m. when the teacher checks who is at school, so that´s when he sees all his friends. Then he sometimes goes to the pool. Lunch is at 12.50 p.m. He never eats in the canteen, he brings food from his home. Because, he eats loads! His ambition is to swim in the Olympics.

6-The Glasgow School of Sport. Is the only school for sport. 132 of the 900 students are specialist sports students who all have the same dream, to become sports stars.

7-Jenny is a girl who has spent two years in athletics and loves the school/ Jenny is a girl who is in her second year of athletics and loves the school.

8-Alex is a boy who has spent three years in swimming/Alex is a boy who is in his third year of athletics. He thinks that school is cool and also the coaches are fantastic.

9-In my school we haven´t got a canteen. We have got a changing room. We have got a hall. We have got an ICT suite. We have got a library. We have got a playground. We haven´t got playing fields. We have got a science lab. We have got a sports hall. We have got a staffroom.

10-In picture one there is a girl in the sports hall. She is doing gymnastics.
In picture two there are two people in a track of athletics. They are running.

11-Always: siempre.
Usually: usualmente.
Never: nunca.
Often: a menudo.
Sometimes: a veces.

12-I often do sport in the sport hall.
I never eat in the canteen.
I always go running.
I sometimes talk to the head teacher.
I usually hang out in the playground at the break.

14-The sports of the photo are judo, swimming, scuba diving, ice skating, basketball, running, hockey and  tennis.

15-The equipment in the photo is a belt, goggles, a wetsuit, skates, a hoop, trainers, a stick and a racket.

16-I can see a belt for judo, goggles for swimming, a wetsuit for scuba diving, skates for ice skating, a hoop for basketball, trainers for running, a stick for hockey and a racket for tennis.

17-Be crazy about, love, like, don’t mind, can’t stand, hate and don’t like. Examples: He is crazy about chocolate. I love the animals. I like ice cream. I don´t mind apples. I can´t stand oranges. I hate handball. I don´t like getting up early

18-I like watching TV. Me gusta ver la televisión.
I like dogs. Me gustan los perros.

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