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1º ESO. Unit 3. Communicative photocopy. Part 2


Communicative photocopy. Unit 3

19-I am crazy about swimming. I love music. I like studying. I can´t stand judo. I hate playing badminton. I don´t like running.

 20-You can join technology club in the ICT suite on Tuesday afternoons, martial arts club in the sports hall on Monday at lunchtime, music club in the music room on Mondays at 3.00 p.m., street dance club in the sports hall every Wednesday at lunchtime, ice hockey club in the sports centre on Friday afternoons and fashion design club on Thursdays after school.

21. There' re 4 persons. They're around 15. They are in the music room. They are playing music. They are wearing casual clothes.

22. There' re 3 girls, aged 17 years old every one/ they are 17 years old. They're dancing. They are wearing sports clothes or casual clothes.

23. 1-Do martial arts
      2-Play basketball
      3-Go karting
      4-Make a video
      5-Play badminton

24. How about going karting?
      No, thanks. I don't like going karting.

25. Why don’t we make a video?
     That’s a good idea! I like making videos!

26. There is only one girl. She is about eleven. Her hair is red and her eyes are brown. She is in the school. She is smiling for one photo. She is wearing the school uniform.

27. She is doing a tour of her school.

28. OK, done.

29-The school’s name is Forest School. The school is 56 years old. It has 577 students. It has a beautiful building with some fantastic facilities. In the main entrance there are pictures of 1960s. There is the staffroom, only for teachers. There is a big sports hall, they have got PE twice per week. It´s great! In the science and technology block, there are the science labs. They are the rooms at the end of the corridor, they are new. The ICT suite is on the right. She always does her homework there.

30-In photo 1 there are two girls and two boys. The girls are speaking about the boys/ In the first photo there are 13 persons, 11 are in a photo of the basketball team and the other two are looking at the photo and talking each other.
In photo 2 there are two boys. The boys are looking at the photo/ In the second photo, there are 4 people. Two of the four are talking with each other and smiling.                                                                                                                                      
31. Jonás’s exercise:
      Hello I'm Jonás.
      This school has got 451 students.
      Our school has got an entrance, some bathrooms on each floor, classes, an ICT suite and a science lab.
      The science lab is good, it's big and useful, for me it's right.
Iris’s exercise:
Welcome to Extemadura Secondary School. This is the entrance. In the entrance there are two playgrounds, there is a school hall and behind is the music room. That one there (=esa de allí) is the library and next to the library is the sports hall. We enter the main building and in front of the entrance is secretary. Reception is next to it. On this floor are the high school classes and two toilets. On the second floor is the office of the head teacher, the office of the heads of studies, the staffroom and some classes. That is mine. And on the third floor are some classes and two toilets, one for boys and one for girls.

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