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3º ESO. Unit 3. Exercises

1.Page 33.
1) In department stores, because there are more clothes.
2) Yes, for a coat.
3) Yes, often.
4) No, I think they are too expensive and they are not worth the extra money.
5) No, I buy all weekends.
6) Pull and Bear and Bershka.
7) Three jeans for €15.

1.Page 34.
1) Danny.
2) Jack.
3) Alice and Sam.
4) Ainara.
5) Sam.
2.Page 34.
3.Page 35.
1) Afford.
2) Lend.
3) Waste.
4) Borrow.
5) Cost.
4.Page 35.
1) Lends.
2) Borrowed.
5.Page 35.
1) Shop owner and customer.
2) Department store.
3) Gloves, sports gear and souvenirs.
4) Half-price and fraction.
6.Page 35.
1) Have.
2) How long.
3) For.
4) Since.
7.Page 35.
1) For.
2) Since.
3) Since.
4) For.
8.Page 35.
1) Have bought.
2) Have had.
3) For.
4) Have worn.
5) Since.
6) Have grown.
7) Since.
8) Have started.
9.Page 35.
I have bought a coat in Badajoz. I bought it last week and I like it because it is really beautiful. This coat cost (irregular) a lot of money, but was on sales.
1.Page 36.
A-Rock climbing.
C-Trail biking.
2.Page 36.
5.Page 37.
1) Already.
2) Still, yet.
3) Yet.
6.Page 37.
1) Already.
2) Yet.
3) Still.
4) Yet.
5) Already.
6) Yet.
7.Page 37.
1) Rebecca has already taken up athletics.
2) I still haven´t learnt my lines for the play.
3) Has Anthony caught up with the other cyclists yet?
4) They haven´t picked up much French yet.
8.Page 37.
1) I have already done.
2) I haven´t tried out rock climbing yet.
3) Have you done trail biking yet?
4) Have you tried out music composition yet?
5) I still haven´t done that.
9.Page 37.
Yes: Athletics, surfing, rock climbing and archery.
No: Judo, sailing, music composition and wakeboarding.
10.Page 37.
A: I have already tried out archery and surfing, but I still haven´t done sailing and wakeboarding. Have you done surfing or sailing?
B: I have already done sailing, but I haven´t done surfing yet.
A: And have you done wakeboarding or archery yet?
B: Yes, I have already done these.
1.Page 42.
1) You can make new friends there, you can do a lot of activities and pick up new skills.
2) It's very expensive and some people miss their families.
3) He/She is for holidays camps.
2.Page 42.
1) Their.
2) Different.
3) Skills.
4) Afford.
5) Families.
6) Too.
7) Possibilities.
8) Activities
3.Page 42.
1- 2,3,4,7.
2- 1,6.
3- 5,8.
4.Page 42.
1) Cities.
2) Impossible.
3) Necessary.
4) Which.
6.Page 42.
In recent years, there's been an increase in the number of people spending a lot of money in the shopping centres with their families. What are the advantages and disadvantages of going shopping with your family?
One advantage of going shopping with your family is that they advise you with the clothes. You can also spend all day in a shopping centre, it's great fun/a lot of fun!
However, there are some disadvantages. One of them is that it is very difficult to find the things that you want. Another one is that when your family want something and you go to buy it, it's boring!
To conclude, I think that going shopping with your familiy in a shopping centre is a good idea to spend a day there.

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