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3º ESO. Unit 1. Exercises on pages 9, 10, 11 and 18



1 PAGE 9

Have you ever changed school?
- No, I have never changed school.
Have you ever done an exchange programme?
- No, I have never done an exchange programme.
Have you ever gone on a school trip?
- Yes, I have gone on a school trip many times.

2 PAGE 9

The teachers on the exchange programme were easy-going. It was compulsory to wear a uniform at my new school.
The children that changed school change class. They´ve made new friends.
The people that go on a school trip often go to a familiar place. They go with their classmates.

1 PAGE 10

well-behaved – badly-behaved

2 PAGE 10

Food, school life and people and home life

3 PAGE 10

1. Sean
2. Alison
3. Sean
4. Alison
5. Sean
6. Sean
7. Alison

4 PAGE 10

1. missed
2. settled into
3. felt at home
4. felt homesick

5 PAGE 11

Oligation, obligation , prohibition, no obligation, no obligation

6 PAGE 11

Ex: mustn´t
1. don´t have to
2. don´t have to
3. mustn´t
4. mustn´t
5. mustn´t

7 PAGE 11

1 … study very much
2 … do homework
3 …  make a play...
4 … do our homework...
5 … take the phone
6 … go to the library

8 PAGE 11

1. must/have to
2. had to
3. mustn’t
4. must /have to
5. must/have to
6. don´t have to
7. don´t have to
8. didn’t have to

9 PAGE 11

In high school I have to do a lot of homework, but I didn´t have do a lot of homework in primary school.
I had to eat in primary school, but now I don’t have to eat in high school.
I had to wear school uniform in primary school but now I don´t have to wear a  school uniform.
I don´t have to call teachers by their surnames now, but in the primary school I had to call teachers by their surnames.

1 PAGE 18

1. A
2. C
3. B
4. C
5. B
6. A

2 PAGE 18

1. big
2. modern
3. boring
4. horrible
5. dark
6. fresh

3 PAGE 18

1. A friendly new classmate.
2. An ugly long black dress.
3. A strict young teacher.
4. A big new white shirt.
5. A tall old grey building.

4 PAGE 18

Our school is a modern, beautiful, fun secondary school We can use the computers and we can play football in the break, we mustn’t use the mobile phone, but it is fantastic.

We can choose many subjects like Classical Culture, Art, French, etc. We have to study very much but it is normal in a secondary school.

We divide our school year into nine months. We spend many hours in the secondary school and we learn a lot!

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