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1º ESO. Unit 3. Exercises



1.-pag 34
In my school, there are changing rooms, a coach, a library, a playground, a science lab, a sports hall and a staffroom.

2.-pag 34
The hall, the head teacher, the ICT suite, the library and the staffroom aren’t mentioned.

3.-pag 34
-1: False. Jenny does athletics on Tuesdays.
-2: False. Jenny hangs out with her friends in the playground.
-3: True.
-4: False. Students have registration every day
-5: False. Alex never eats in the canteen. He always brings food from home.

4.-pag 35
-1: dream.
-2: luck
-3: break
-4: registration
-5: bell

5.-pag 35

6.-pag 35
- after
- before

7.-pag 35
1.-We never have registration in the hall
2.-The teachers always have lunch in the canteen
3.-The students often do sport son the playing fields
4.-We are sometimes late for school
5.-The head teacher is usually in the staffroom.

8.-pag 35
I always play football.
I sometimes do drama.

1.- always                           6.- never
2.-bell                                  7.- breaks
3.-registration                   8.- usually
4.-classroom/science lab   9.- always/usually
5.- staffroom                      10.- coach

Do you usually hang out in the playground at break?
Yes, I do.
Do you often talk to the head teacher?
No, I don’t. I never talk to him.
Do you always do sport in the sports hall?
No, I don’t. I sometimes do sport in the playground.

1.-pag 36
Judo- belt
Tennis- racket
Swimming- goggles
Hockey- stick
Scuba diving- wetsuit
Ice skating- skates
Running- trainers
Basketball- hoop

They mention running, scuba diving, swimming, goggles, wet suit, tennis, ball, stick, racket and ice skating.


1. hates
2. doesn’t mind
3. doesn’t like
4. likes, doesn’t like
5. can’t stand

Megan is B.

1.-Does Megan like scuba diving?
     No, she doesn’t/ No, she doesn’t like it.
2.-Does Megan like team sports?
     No, she doesn’t/No, she doesn’t like them.
3.-Do you and your friend like hockey?
     Yes, we do/Yes, we like it.
4.-Do you like sports?
      Yes, I do/Yes, I like them
5.-Does your mum and dad like tennis?
      Yes, they do/Yes, they like it.

1.-is                              6.-wetsuit
2.-stick                         7.-skating
3.-racket                      8.-skates
4.-belt                          9.-watching.

Do you like maths?                      Do you like ice skating?
Yes, I do. I love it.                                         Yes, I do.
Do you like trainers?                   Do you like running?
Yes, I do.                                          Yes, I do. I’m crazy about it.
Do you like getting up early?
I don’t mind it.
Do you like swimming in the sea?
Yes, I do. I love it.

1.-pag 40

1.-There’re three sports clubs.
2.-You can create your own mobile phone app.
3.-You can learn taekwondo.
4.-You can go to technology club, music club, ice hockey club or fashion design club in the afternoon.
5.-Ice hockey club. It meets at the sports centre.

2.-pag 40
1.-False. George doesn’t mind technology.
3.-False. She likes fashion and clothes.
4.-False. He wants to be in a band.
5.-False. She has got a guitar.

3.-pag 40
1.-going to technology club?
2.-play hockey?
3.-go to a music club?
4.-go to the music room this afternoon at 3.00pm then!

4.-pag 41
1.-Martial arts club
2.-Street dance
3.-Technology club
4.-Music club
5.-Fashion design club
6.-Ice hockey club

5.-pag 41
Shall we play badmington?
No, it’s boring.
Shall we do martial arts?
Yes, it’s fantastic!
Let’s meet at the gymn on Saturday morning at ten o´clock then!
Ok! See you on Saturday!

1.-Pag 42
1.-Yes, she likes it.
2.-Yes, she does.
3.-Yes, she does. She is crazy about them.

2.Pf 42
1.- This

3.pag 42
1.- this, that

4.-pag 42
Wellcome to my school. The school is very beautiful.
The library is next to the entrance hall and it has got lots of interesting books. The main building has got a lot of classes. My class is there! And we have got a science lab!  The staffroom is at the end of the first floor.
This is the sports hall. I love it!. I often go there!

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