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1º ESO. Unit 4. Communicative photocopy. Part 2



12. Dogs are the most popular animals.
Extreme camping is the most dangerous activity.

13. Football is the best sport.
Dragon Khan is the worst ride.

14. Trondheim is cloudier than Alice Springs but London is the cloudiest.
Trondheim is sunnier than London but Alice Springs is the sunniest.

15. London is hotter than Trondheim but Alice Springs is the hottest.
Trodheim is less hot than London.
London is colder than Alice Springs, but Trodheim is the coldest.

16. The funfair is from Friday 17/6 to Saturday 19/6.
They open every day from 10 a.m. to 11 p.m.
The tickets are eight pounds for adults and five pounds for under sixteen. They Include all rides. On Sunday there is a half price entry because the funfair opens from 10 a.m. to 3p.m.
At the funfair there are roller coasters, rides for children, food and drink.
There is a train and s bus station nest to Woodside Park.

17. Read the text of page 55.

The most beautiful beach: The most beautiful beach is in Ibiza. The best way to go Ibiza is by plane. The journey takes more than five hours.
The most exciting theme park: The most exciting theme park is Magic Island in Sevilla. The best way to go is by car. The journey takes two hours.
The nearest shopping centre is Decathlon. The best way to go is by car. The journey takes ten minutes
The most interesting place: the most interesting place is the Prado Museum. The best way to go is by bus or by car. The journey takes three hours and a half.

I want to visit … What the best way to go there?
When is the next train?
How long does the journey take?
How often do the buses/trains leave?
How much is a ticket?

PICTURE 1: In picture 1 there are many people, they are in an indoor pool and they are having a swim. They are wearing swimsuits.
PICTURE 3: In picture 3 there are two people and a dolphin. They are in tropical pool. They are playing. They are wearing wetsuits.

21. The photos are of three water parks and the text speaks about those three water parks.

22. Read

The writer (la persona que escribe el texto) is a boy. He wants to visit water parks in his holidays because he likes swimming. He also likes the slides, but he doesn’t like the queues.
He wants to visit three parks: Tropical Islands in Germany, Discovery Cove in Florida and Beach Park in Brazil.
Tropical Island is the biggest indoor park in the world, but it is very crowded. Discovery Cove is a beautiful outdoor park. It is quieter and it has dolphins. Beach Park has got the highest and fastest water slide in the world. It is more exciting and scarier than Discovery Cove.
Most of all, he wants to visit Discovery Cove because it is the most beautiful, it is always hot and sunny in Florida and there are a lot of things to do.

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