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1º ESO. Unit 4. Communicative photocopy. Part 1

           MOSAIC 1. UNIT 4
My opinion about the hobbies on p. 47 is that sky diving is fun and I think that it is also interesting.
Surfing is fantastic and I think that it is also cool.
Extreme camping is scary and I think that it is also dangerous.

In the photos there are two rides of a theme park and the text is about Port Aventura, a theme park with lots of exciting rides, rides for children and shows.
3) Pronunce
4) Pronunce
5) Read
·Port Aventura is a big theme park. It’s got rides for everyone, from extreme roller coasters, to safe rides. Also, there are shows with singing.
·The best rides are three:
Furios Baco is the shortest, it takes 55 seconds and is very enjoyable.
Its rating is nine out of ten.
Shambhala is faster and higher than all European rides.
Its rating is nine out of ten.
Dragon Khan is an old ride, but it is Ducan’s favourite.
·Its rating is ten out of ten.
·You can get there by car, train or plane. The Reus Airport is the nearest.
·Duncan gives some tips to visit the park:
First, the theme park in summer is crowded. The queues are worse during day. It´s better to go earlier or later.
Second, food and drink are expensive, so take your food.
·Some people write some comments:
-Ted thinks that the new rides are scarier and more frightening. Shambhala is higher and more frightening, but he loves it.
-For Naomi the rides are boring. The shows are better. In the shows there are amazing and dangerous acrobatics. The fireworks are fantastic and noisy.
-Rita writes that the tickets aren´t cheap, but children don´t have to pay a full ticket. There are low prices for groups. Her favourite ride is Dragon Khan, because it is long and fast.
-Jake’s favourite ride is surprising. It´s Tutuki Splash. It´s slow, but it is a lot of fun. His brother prefers the shows.
1.Dragon Khan is older than Shambhala.
2.Children’s tickets are cheaper than adults’ tickets.
1.Shambhala is more frightening than Furius Baco.
2.This attraction is more expensive than that.
1. Jake´s brother thinks that the shows are better than the rides.
2. Furius Baco is worse than Dragon Khan.
·Watching film at home is cheaper than going to the cinema.
·A house is lower than a skyscraper.
·In summer the beach is more crowded than in winter.
·A horror film is more frightening than a comedy.
·A motorbike is noisier than a bike.
·The leopard is faster than the elephant.
·Spain is bigger than Germany.
·Extreme camping is more dangerous than surfing.
·My dad is older than my sister.
·PE is funnier than Geography and History.
·My neighbour´s car is smaller than my dad´s car.
·Disneyland Paris is more exciting than Port Aventura.
It´s hot and sunny in Malaga.
It´s cloudy and rainy in Dublin.
It´s cloudy and cold in Oslo.
It´s stormy but warm in Berlin.
It´s cloudy and rainy in Budapest/It’s cloudy and there is heavy rain in Budapest.
It´s cloudy but warm in Rome.
It´s icy and cold in Moscow.
10) Read
Moscow is the coldest place in the map.
Malaga is the hottest place in the map.

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