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3º ESO. Unit 1. Exercises of pages 12, 13, 16 and 17


Unit 1. Correction of exercises
Pag 12 y 13

Is good with numbers is mathematical.
Plans everything very carefully is organized.
Loves painting and going to galleries is artistic .
Spends a lot of time studying is hard- working.
Is interested in learning about new things is curious.
Spend their free time doing different activities is active.

My uncle has lived in four different countries.G
Anna has gota lot of friends. She goes out a lot.K
Sam works hard and really wants to do well. H
Alicia is sure that she’ll pass the exam.I
Jo’s painting are very different and she has some really unusual ideas.J
Martin thinks things through in a clear order.L

4. DAVID is creative and active. SASHA is artistic, creative and mathematical.

2F. David should start a blog or a website for his football team.
4F. Sasha loves drawing pictures of buildings.
5F. Sasha ought to study Art and Design, Maths and Physics.

1. Quiero hacer una carrera universitaria de periodismo
2. Yo quiero una carrera profesional donde pueda trabajar con números

7. 2, 2, 3, 4, 1, 1.

Negative                   Question
Can                              can’t                            Can…?
Can                              can’t                            Can…?
Could                          couldn’t                      Could…?
Will be able to          won’t be able to      Will… be able to…?
Should                        shouldn’t                   Should…?
Ought to                    ought not to/            NOT USUAL
                                      Oughtn’t to              
1 ought to
2 should
3 be able to
4 should
5 can’t
6 could
7 can’t

1 correct 2 shouldn’t /ought to 3 will be able to 4 won’t be able to 5 should/ought to 6 correct

You have to be curious and active to be a mechanic.
 I don’t think he should do a mechanic course online because he won’t be able to get any experience.
He will be able to get some experience if he offers to help at a garage after school and at weekends.
I don’t think he should go to motorcycle races, because he won’t learn anything.
So, I think he ought to work in the garage because he will learn a lot about cars./ So, I think he ought to do a mechanic course online because he learns more than with the other things

Pages 16 and 17

1.   A:2011
2.   B:2012
3.   C:1996
4.   D:2012

1 She was five
2.In 2006
3.She was the youngest member of the team
4 She finished thirteenth

Oh really?
What happened next?
That’s fantastic!
How exciting!
That’s understandable.

6.He felt angry with his parents at first, but in the end he thought it was a good move.
The two questions are:
1.   What was the new house/your new school like?
2.   How did you feel about leaving your friends?

7. 2002 Birth   2008 Started football      2011 Went out alone      2014 Started high school

A: I was born in 2002.
B: Well, that was good.
A: I started football in 2008.
B: Really? What was it like?
A: I really liked it. And then I started high school when I was twelve.
B: How did you feel?
A: I was anxious and excited.
B: That’s understandable.

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